Ta2o the...Thing
Developer(s) Fan Galaxy
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Series Ta2o

Ta2o the...Thing is a Adventure Game made by Fan Galaxy and Published by Fantendo. This game got Very Positive Reviews, mostly because of its Weirdness.


Ta2o was a Tater Tot that was walking around the Waffle Kingdom. He noticed there was a bird, but it was a weird bird, with Tentacles. He went up to inspect the Bird and it grabbed him and Threw him. It grew giant and Devoured the Waffle Kingdom as a whole bite. Ta2o was traumatized, so he went to a Therapist. The Therapist smacked Ta2o and told him he should be out there, slaying that Bird...Squid.....Thing. So Ta2o broke through the door and Jumped. He went on to continue his adventure.

Playable Characters




TATO "The Hero is Here! Don't eat Tot Punch, Tot Kick

him, or that would make you Murder (Special Power)

mean, no matter how tasty

he is"


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