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The story is pretty good, but, like almost every Mario game on this wiki, it's clichê. The starting part is very good, but, here comes the big surprise: Princess Peach has been captured, ¬¬. Also, the plot is similar to Super Mario World, but, as said on the beginning on the page, it's a game like Super Mario World.


Like the story, the gameplay also looks familiar to Super Mario World, even including the Dragon Coins, but, also features things from New Super Mario Bros. like the Star Coins as well. The controls are pretty simple, looks like a pretty fun game to play.

Character Roster

Like the story, the Character Roster is almost the same of all the other games, features Mario, Luigi, Wario, Purple Toad and Waluigi. But, Yoshter Bro. (MGC's fan character), Virtual Mario and Virtual Luigi somehow impressed me, first for Yoshter Bro., like you play as Hammer Bro, who throws eggs, which is interising. Virtual Mario and Virtual Luigi seems like cool, but, they can only be controled in the Multiplayer Mode. Well, there's no NPC's, Rideable Characters or Villians list, because, the article still on construction.


What I have to say? Some are generic like the Cape Flower and the Fire Flower, but, the Goomba Mario, Skunk Mario and the Kung-Fu Mario impressed me, because, they don't look generic and also have interising powers. Also, there's way to mix the power-ups, which is pretty interising, making me remeber from Kirby 64 which you can mix your powers.

But, the rest of the page is incomplete, so, that's all I have to said to the game.

Score: 85/100

Pretty good page design, ideas and other things, but, the rest is generic, it's a good concept, but, some things like the plot have lack of originality. The rest of the page is incomplete, but, if the page become completed one day, this review may change.

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