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First Look

Well, it's another Super Smash Bros. game, seriously there's sooo many SSB games here, just? here? to see. Well, we gonna look at one certain person, a brazilian. Okay let's review.

Gameplay and Modes

Well, there's like 17 modes or more, but, the gameplay section only says:? "This game follows the pattern of the previous games of the franchise.".? Ok, lack of originality, no. Reading more, I see he has a bit of originality:? "you can keeps items.". I find this a little useless, but, seems interesing. The article also says which you can trade stuff from the Wii U and 3DS, which is a... clichê.

Character Roster

The newcomers are the same which we seen and the veterans are meh, like a I said, generic list of characters. Also, this game only has 6 new characters, 4 if you don't count Skull Kid and Isaac because they are from the special edition of the game. Also, the secret characters are overrused!, well, I never seen the Black Knight in any game, but, this is the only? "new"? character in.


There's a few new interising items, but, the rest are the same.


Okay, almost all of the stages is from a another real SSB game or a fanon SBB game. There's new cool one, like the 3DS and the Crossfire Chaos, I like of the new stages, but the other stages:


Score: 45/100

Another Super Smash Bros. game, there's new interising things like the Customization Mode, but, the rest are all the same. =/

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