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First Look

Well, we finally don't have another New Super Mario Bros. game, Super Mario Madness has been created by? Samtendo09 (tbc), the same creator of the Meta-Form series, so this can be good? Let's find out.


Well, the gameplay seems cool, first is a free-roaming game, like? Super Mario 64, also, looks like a mix of New Super Mario Bros. (ARRRRRRRGH!) with Super Mario Galaxy. I find interising the concept of "Tasks".


What I have to say? Okay, just five words: Princess Peach has been Captured. The same plot ever...


The worlds have interising names, but, not have clichê names like Mushroom Plains.

Character Roster

Like I said on the Superior Mario World review, the character roster is clichê too featuring many overrused characters in various other Mario games on the wiki, the most strangest of all is... Wreck-It Ralph? What a hell he is doing there?

Score: 75/100

Well, it's good article, with good concepts through, but, is a overrused Mario game style on the wiki, even I created a article on that way.

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