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First Look

Okay, four reviews with games with start with "S". So, let's review Space Invaders by? Clover Entertainment! For some people, the Clover games are horrible, but, let's see one of his projects.


It's a OK plot, but, why the aliens only attacks: New York, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and San Fransico?, geez, we have many cities over the world: Madri, Paris, Rio de Janeiro.


Somehow, the gameplay makes me remember from Gears of Wars, and this is not a bad thing. The gameplay section explains very well how the game works. But, for some reason, people don't liked the "Aliens" part of game, well, I only have five things to say to that people: I LIKE DESTRUCTION VIDEO GAMES!


Meh, only four modes: Human Campaign, Alien Campaign, Online and the Free Roam Mode. The Free Roam Mode for me, is useless, it's like a GTA during a Alien Invasion.


Only three types of Multiplayer: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Conquest (aka King of the Hill). Well, I don't like games with few multiplayer modes.


Okay, first let's see the humans one... he have a tank, a airplane, a hummer and a... HUMAN!?, okay Clover, you messed up on that, why a human on the Vehicle part?, The same thing goes to the aliens.

Score: 85/100

Well, what I have to said about the game? Okay, it's not like the Space Invaders game, but, looks out a pretty cool game. Well, the pics aren't good thing but anyway this game deserves my seal of approval.

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