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First Look

Hey, look the first game of the Charnelon the Blue Ninja series! Seems a nice concept, right? No.


Okay... let's see, there's only four modes and the gameplay section says which the gameplay of this game is the same of SSBB... okay, pretty original.

Character Roster

What I has to say? The characters are most recolors: Charnelon is a re-color of Espio. The descriptions are bland, like for a example, the Rod the Red Ninja (Chaos 0 Recolor):

A Ninja with an ability to melt.
Rod's description.

Okay, just that?


...wut? Some of the pictures are pictures from locations of the real life, the Sir Larry's Castle looks like a battle background for a RPG Maker game.

That's all I have to say about the game.

Final Note: 35/100

Could be better, only has recolors, bland descriptions and other things which piss me off.

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