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This page is an TTC's Review page of Battle of Bracelets: The Forbidden Light, therefore, do not edit unless you're a member.



Hey look! A BoB game! I love the BoB games, this game has been created by Samtendo09 as a part of Series Swap Day, it's finally the day to review it.


The story looks like the Fire Emblem's chapters and that isn't a bad point, the story is very well writen and it's very good.



WOW, this section is very detailed, including every thing about the game, I simply loved it, because, explains very well and it's not very complex to understand. I like the new features too.



They are okay, but, the only thing that it's only a list, but, it isn't a bad point overall.


Final Note: 95/100

A almost perfect game, one of the best BoB games that I ever seen, and one of the best Series Swap Day games ever, some things to be fixed, like tables for the characters and more would make this game a perfect score.

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