TSG:Snowball Battle is an flash Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! game that was released on December 13, 2022.


The only characters that player control is Misuko, she is have 150 hp, each snowball hit her and she will loses 10 of her hps. She must defeat 3 her friends in snowball battle named Zikumo, Rito and Naji. The game has 3 modes is nedium mode and hard mode


Misuko Sakoto has 150 hp, in hard mode, she would have only 90 hp

Zikumo Sakoto has 220 hp, in hard mode, he have 400 hp

Rito Kuchira has 290 hp, in hard mode, he have 510 hp

Naji Dirusa has 330 hp, in hard mode, he have 580 hp


Zikumo Sakoto move normal, in hard mode, he move fast

Rito Kuchira move fast, in hard mode, he move very fast

Naji Dirusa move very fast, in hard mode, he move extremely fast, making him hard to hit by snowballs


Play game: unknown


Left, Right: move

Mouse: control the target

X: throw snowballs

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