Combat Unit TR1P (or simply TR1P or Trip) is an addition to Project Second Coat and a revamped version of the now-cancelled Trip the Portal Master character. He usually works with Gavin Sparrow and Takeo Yumi to cause trouble around the Fantendoverse.


He was an android designed to be the perfect hero, but the process malfunctioned and all that "perfect hero" stuff just went to his head. This gave him a big ego, and he was able to escape the lab he was built in.

He kept on trying to butt in on the heroes' adventures, not knowing he isn't as powerful as he thinks he is. He now masquerades as a hero, but whatever heroic things he does is just to help boost his ego. 

Abilities and Weaknesses

Being an android, TR1P has increased durability, can shoot laser beams, and fly. However, he can be shut down easily, despite TR1P not being aware of this.


(Unlike his original version, he actually has one!)

He has a larger then life ego, and finds being a hero "boring," only doing heroic acts to make himself look good. He also tries to be manipulative, but usually his attempts to manipulate someone's actions fail miserably.


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