Chapter Two: Hacker Hoax

I rubbed drowsiness out of my eyes as we traversed the industrial landscape of ;Mechcity, as Hamclub told me about all the cool buildings that were there. Well, she thought they were cool, as they looked all the same to me. We stopped at this large arena with a Yin & Yang symbol in the middle. 

"OH, this place is AWESOME!" she shouts with excitement. "I heard that this is the very place where the Gemini Tournament was hosted!" 

Whoa, way to make me feel uneasy. I've read online that some BAAAD stuff went down in the Gemini Tournament. 

I heard a loud crash, and it pierced my ears as I felt this weird presence, and then the thought dawned on me as I finally figured out what it was.  

Oh no, not this again. Every other online game had this type of thing, I thought TOME would be different. But no, TOME is also infected with this phenomenon that just.... ruins everything.

This phenomenon goes by the name of....hackers.

A green-haired fighter class player appeared from the madness. I had to assume he was the cause of this destruction. Before I could make my move, he shot some bolt of energy at my friend. Her eyes went green as she fell to the floor, but I was able to hear her voice through a message box.

"Oh this is SO NOT COOL!" She yells, as I try to fight back against the hacker. 

"Don't worry, I can take him." I say to try to, I don't know, help her or something, although I never had any battles with hackers myself.

"Oh, it's fine. I got friends coming." She replies with kind of a happy attitude for someone who just got paralyzed.

Then suddenly, three figures appeared almost out of nowhere to help fight the hacker, whose name was CrimsonRage. There was a sort of ice fairy by the name of LuckyAlice, a kid wearing a mask and an arm cannon named Lord_Goopy, and a kid wearing orange and blue wielding a magical staff, going by the name of SunnyD. We then engaged in battle. 

"You're not even trying." SunnyD remarked. "In order to fight in ;Mechcity, you must set up a Battle Grid first, which clearly, YOU didn't do." I tried to hide the fact that I didn't know shit about Battle Grids as I witnessed Goopy and CrimsonRage fighting.

"Lord_Goopy!??!?!?! What kind of stupid-ass username is THAT?" Asks CrimsonRage in a rather asshole-ish tone.

Lord_Goopy sighs. "Um.....My little brother came up with it and begged me to use it." He admitted. 

"Oh wow, that's really sad." CR remarks, before getting hit with an ice beam from Alice, freezing him cold. I kicked the ice block that was once CrimsonRage into the sky, defeating him. Thus, freeing Hamclub.

"Thanks a lot for the help, guys!" She says in graditude.

"No problem, uh, Hamclub." I reply, (as it would be rude not to,) still not sure what to think of her username.

"Oh, you can just call me Taylor!" She explains. "That's my real name, obviously."

I nod, but then my attention is diverted to a player being chased by some of the Admins. 

Username: Mephisto52

Class: Morphological

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