Chapter Three: The Virus

The next day, I was put in the same position as when I first started TOME, traversing the vast purple wastelands of ;Lavendera. But I wasn't alone this time, as Alice, SunnyD, Goopy, and Taylor were accompanying me. A small gang tried to start a fight with us, but we defeated them easily. However, I failed to notice that a hacker in a black cloak was watching our every move....

Username: Timesoul 

Class: Mechanical

Then suddenly, I heard a familiar voice echoing not very far away. I then saw a figure running towards me. One in a white hoodie, and wearing a robotic mask. 

White attacked me litterally right off the bat. Obviously hungry for a rematch, I took my fighting stance, and the Battle Grid formed around us.

"Alright, squirt." White scoffed. "Let's see how you do in Round 2!" 

| dodged his projectile attacks and got a heavy sword blow in quite early. But White merely shrugged it off, wiping dust off his sleeves as he sent a barrage of projectiles at me.  

"Well, you're pretty good yourself, without the others backing you up." I smirked.

"Meh, those guys were chumps anyways."

"Well no need to be a douche about it." 

I was then caught by surprise, as he delivered a punch to my jaw. He moved surprisingly quickly, dodging my sword attacks. I tried landing a blow on him, and I was sure it would take him down this time, but he generated an energy shield, then released it as a shockwave, dealing a lot of damage. 

Then, the strangest thing happened. My health started going down rapidly, even though White was just standing still. He then punched me in the stomach, and I fell, lying on the floor of the Battle Grid. I had been defeated. However, as soon as the Battle Grid dissolved and White had gained his victory, I heard another voice, that sounded just like White's.....

White dashed in and punched the imposter right in the face, causing his character model to glitch until it transformed into the cloaked hacker. 

Timesoul said nothing as White hit him with punch after punch, but Timesoul merely dodged them. 

I rushed to his aid, with my flaming sword in hand-

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I was screaming uncontrollably. A blue-purple-ish blade that bent at the middle was wedged into my chest, and I immediatley identified what it was.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no-

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I felt my conscious numbing, as some sort of glitch energy surrounded me. Everything was getting hazy as only one thought, only one SINGLE WORD marched across my weakening mind.


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