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Chapter One: Black & White

Huh....well, too be honest I never really got into this whole Online MMO Gaming thing. But my friends at school pressured me into playing this new game called Terrain of Magical....something, and I was finally able to get my hands on it. Well, it's time to log in, create an avatar, all that jazz....

After logging in and setting everything up, I happened to come across a group of players crowding the spawn points. Oh great, I think, it's THESE types of players. The leader of the small mob was a kid in a white hoodie wearing a robotic helmet, gauntlets, and boots. His username was TheCrystalHero. The other players included a robot with flame patterns on his body going by the username of PZero99, a pink haired girl with cat ears and a tail named Mew-Mew, and a warrior wearing green clothing wielding a sword, going by the name of Micro-Star

Well, for my first battle, I say I didn't do too shabby. I locked blades with Micro-Star, but after a quick and surprisingly epic sword fight, my Flame Sword won out in the end. PZero99 shot fire blasts at me, while       Mew-Mew attacked with quick melee attacks, I dodged one of her punches and retaliated with a quick blow using my sword. PZero, on the other hand, was a different story. I realized he was keeping me at a distance to make his job easier, but I was able to wisthand his fire beams. I then tried my turn, attacking with my sword, but he managed to block it. Meanwhile, TheCrystalHero tries to distract me by hitting me with hard punches and energy blasts, but I dodge him. He sends another blast at me, but using my sword, I deflect it and it bounces across the landscape like an insane basketball until it hits PZero in the face.

Then, TheCrystalHero began to talk.

"Whoa, not bad for a newbie." He exclaims. "Whatever, only scrubs fight without a grid anyways. But it was nice fighting ya."

"Thanks, TheCrystalHe-"

"You can just call me White," he replies, cutting me off. "And you are...?"

"My friends call me Dark." I answered, although I was kinda lying. None of my friends called my "Dark," (although sometimes I wished they would,) and they preferred to refer to me using my real name, which I guess is more practical.

"Right. Well, we might just see ya around." He then turns to his group. "Alrighty then, let's go see if there are any others up for a battle." 

The others nodded, and soon were on their way. I smiled as I saw them traverse the purple landscape that I just so happened to spawn in. After overhearing from a girl in green with pink and yellow hair talking to some other players, I found out this place was called ;Lavendera

Suddenly, the girl turned to me. "Oh hi, are you new here? Let me show you around!"

"Sure, I guess..." I replied shyly to the girl, as I didn't want to be rude or anything. Apparently, the girl's username was Hamclub13. Quite an odd username.

Yep, quite an odd username indeed. 

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