Chapter Four: Aftermath


His screams echoed throughout the entire landscape of ;Lavendera, and with every second I was stricken with fear and sadness at the same time. This....this virus had taken over my new friend, and had reemerged into the affairs of the players. 

Dark's hands morph into claws, as his hair and skin darken and his hoodie changes from crimson to dark grey, his eyes glowing red. At the same time, I could hear a familiar voice as another hacker accompanied Timesoul.

"Jake, what the hell did you do!??!?" asks CrimsonRage in confusion as he emerges from a pile of purple rocks, that seemingly broke from the high cliffs after Dark's transformation.

"I awakened the beast." grins Timesoul, (or Jake, I don't really care at this point,) as he and his companion teleport away, leaving the five of us to deal with Oh goodie.

Then the monster that was once Dark looks at me. All I remember is him releasing some sort of glitch energy out of his body, knocking me out cold. 

After a few days of absense, I decide to start playing TOME again. I didn't remember much about what happened, other then the fact that the virus attack really hurt. Like, legit. I decided to check back at ;Sanctuary, where hopefully there wouldn't be any trouble. 

I was greeted by SunnyD, (although we usually call him Dylan,) Alice, Goopy, and to my surprise, White. 

"So, how's it been going with...Dark and, stuff?" I ask shyly.

"We haven't heard from him since, you know, the incident. Which is a shame since, you know, he seems like a nice guy and all." Dylan replies, with Alice and Goopy nodding in agreement. 

"So, um, I think we should go on a little sidequest or something." White suggested. "You know, to keep our minds off the incident? How do you guys feel about that?" 

"Sounds fine to me." Goopy replies in a rather non-chalant fashion. "Let's just hope that Dark shows up again soon." 

Unsurprisingly, I agree with Goopy's statement. "Yeah. Let's."

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