TOME: Blades of Anarchy is an upcoming fan-fic based on the anime-inspired web series Terrain of Magical Expertise, (commonly shortened as TOME,) which takes place in the futuristic virtual reality MMORPG of the same name.

Main Characters


  • Username: SuperSonicDarkness
    Class: Swordsman
  • Username: SunnyD
    Class: Spellcaster
  • Username: TheCrystalHero
    Class: Mechanical
  • Username: LuckyAlice
    Class: Spellcaster
  • Username: Lord_Goopy
    Class: Swordsman
  • Username: Hamclub13
    Class: Spellcaster


  • Username: Mephisto52
    Class: Morphological
  • Username: TimeSoul
    Class: Mechanical
  • Username: CrimsonRage
    Class: Fighter

Side Characters

  • Username: Micro-Star
    Class: Swordsman
  • Username: PZero99
    Class: Mechanical
  • Username: Mew-Mew
    Class: Animalistic


A vast majority of the chapters are in the perspective of the main character, Dark. (a.k.a. SuperSonicDarkness.)

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