In the waning light of the dusk sun, Ordon Village sits, it's wood huts glistening. In the more forested area of the village are the shadows of Talo, Malo, Beth, Colin, and Ilia.

"Hey! Over here!" Talo exclaimed to Colin, expecting Colin to throw the pumpkin to him. "Okay!", yelled Colin, pumpkin in hand. Then the orange fruit (or is it a vegetable?) flew through the air, creating a small breeze in the air. Talo catches the pumpkin, but a littke too hard, causing the fruit (vegetable?) to burst open and create a shower of seeds. (it's a fruit!)

The Legend of Zelda: Bloody Twilight Chapter I

Written by Dk64rules

Rated PG for Violence

Part 1: Mateni and the Thieves

"TALO!!!" Jaggle (Talo's father) exclaimed. "I keep telling you, don't waste crops!!" "We can't keep up with basic food needs as it is!" "Do you see Link spuishing pumpkins?" No you don't, because he's cooking up a delicious barrel of Ordon soup for the town to enjoy!" Why don't you go help him, Talo, and stop wasting the soup ingredients!"

"Fine." Talo uttered in an angry tone.

"Ah, the sweet smell of Ordon soup and fresh water!" Link said in a happy tone. "Hey, Link, can I help you?" Talo said. "Talo, you're just in time!" Link exclaimed. "Can you put the barrel in the cart for me while I go make the salad?" "Sure." Talo said. Talo put the soup in the cart and wheeled it over to the feast table. A few minutes later, Link appears, sad-faced. "The traditional salad's gone." "What?" Talo asked, shocked. "We can't have a Village Anniversary feast without the 120-year-old Ordon salad bowl!" Talo went on to say. Meanwhile, a dark figure stoold on the village's surrounding mountains, watching the two ramble on about the salad bowl. "Meh, I es gonna see wheres teh soup is et!" uttered the figure. "But wat eef teh swerdman sey you?" another figure said. "Ten I'll rep he's leetel body to shreds!" the first figure said.

Link and Talo just finished telling the salad bowl story to everyone. "Oh, this is terrible. We cannot have the feast without my great great great great great grandfathers bowl!" Mayor Bo said in a sad tone. Then Colin jumped up and said "I bet that old Mateni stole the bowl! He always steals things from us! Him and his band of thieves!" Then the two dark figures jumped over to the feast table. Unfortunately for them, the table shook, and they were revealed. "Mateni!" Link shouted at the first figure, who was indeed Mateni. Then Jaggle shouted "Cowaris!" at the second figure, who was indeed Cowaris.

Part 2: The Dark Hour

Mateni unsheathed his dagger and said "You're peteeful town is den fur!" Then he charged at Link, who quickly raised his shield and threw Mateni off balance. "Cowaris! Show them wat dere messin' weth!" the stumbling Bokoblin said. Cowaris jumped onto a wood hut and fired his arrows. Link blocked them all with his shield, effortlessly sliding around the grasses. "Argh! Dat swerdsman es too good!" Cowaris jealously stated. "Ten eet es time I rejoin teh fight!" Mateni yelled. Link heard Mateni, and spun around to face him. Mateni raised his dagger and slashed randomly. Link blocked Mateni's childish swings and hit him in the chest with the hilt of his sword. "Ow! Dat herts!" Mateni said. Link then slashed Mateni's arm, making the Bokoblin fall in pain. "Errrghh.....Cowaris...." Mateni whispered. Cowaris fired an arrow into Colin, making the young boy pass out onto the ground. "No!!" Link shouted. Link ran over to Colin and the rest to help, allowing Cowaris to lift Mateni and escape, without the salad bowl.

"Colin must be brought to Kakariko Village to receive medical attention." Mayor Bo said. "Okay, we'd better hurry!" Rusl the swordsman said. He, his wife Uli, and the passed out Colin got onto Rusl's horse and headed towards Hyrule Field. "Link, I want you to check out the lake later." Mayor Bo said. "I've been hearing sounds coming from there, even on windless nights." he went on to say. "Okay." Link said in a courageous way. Later that night, Link walked over to Lake Ordona, ready to face.....Ilia? Link put his weapons away, seeing as Ilia was not a threat. He walked back to his house and went to sleep. Then Ilia turned into a dark, bloodthirsty, and dangerous creature. The creature had shapeshifted into Ilia! The creature summoned more creatures that looked like him. They ran off, hoping to find an unwary human soul to rip apart. The original creature stayed at the lake and started making a piercing shreik, the sound that Mayor Bo spoke of. Link awoke from the sound and ran to the lake. He saw the creature and readied his sword. The creature started to circle him. Link did a spin attack, and the creature fell into the shallow waters. The creature summoned a strange portal and jumped in it. Link stood there, knowing the dark thing would return. But it didn't. Instead, a golden tint covered all of Ordona and black squares rained slowly from the sky. It was twilight.

Who was the creature posing as Ilia?

Twilight has drenched Ordona, but Link did not transform into a wolf!

Who is controlling the twilight?

Read TLOZ: BT Chapter 2

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