Taekwondo: Korean Fire
Developer(s) Legend Team
Publisher(s) Legend
Platform(s) LHC
Release Date(s)
January 4, 20XX Japan

November 5, USA March 18,20XX Eur

4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Fighting Game
Media Included LHC Floppy Disk
Can you Handle Teaguk Fire?

Taekwondo: Korean Fire is a 2D Fighting game created by Legend. It is the sequel to TKD. The game follows Hym Park, a Korean TKD Master on his way to taking his students to the country championship in Washington DC. The game introduced Legends fighting formula 2.0 for the first time. The game came shortly after the release of Karate for the Legend Hyper Computer.


The game introduced the new Legend Fighting Formula for the TKD series. The characters got a boost of energy similar to Karate. With the new level of attacks as well. The characters also gained the ability to stay in the air for 2.8 seconds and launch an attack while in the air. Unlike other fighting games, the game also had a course that told the player real forms for Taekwondo.

The gameplay depends on the characters belt. Going with a real life belt system which the more fights your character wins, the more belt points they can get. Belt points are points which can enable you to upgrade your belt. The game also has a set of buttons to push which will use real TKD blocks and Punches.

Button A Punch
B Kick
Up, Down, Foward+ B Blocks
Punch + Up Teaguk Fire

Unlike most fighting games, TKD: Korean Fire does not go with traditional Fighting Ultra Combos. Instead, players can use the more energy they have to increase speed and power. They can improve blocks and can move faster.


Stage Caption
Blue hills

Morning Hills

These hills are a great place to take your family, and to watch a TKD SHOW OFF!

The nice view of the trees.

These are the trees in the forest area were the Secret Military trains.
Temple 6679
The Temple were acient Legends Lived to fight.

Nothing Like Fighting in the dry dry desert

Outside Vernado City....
Typoonian Desert
20081124031746 img 9140pixelpost
Tropical Vacation Area
968896851 7ee3a5b983
The Famous Stadium
Seoul night


Welcome to Korea
Its a Neighborly Day in this Beutihood
India tajmahal 2003 06 252


The Hall

Character Select

Hym Park
Sonia Richards
Holly Snow
Hose De Jesus
Shani Ali
Chung Ji
Alia Boba
Sakura S.
John Locksmith
Sonito Pool
David S.
Ryan Andersen
Shin Ko
Bruce Hine
Hashi Kionto
Grandmaster Ji
Grandmaster Lee Pae Jin

Hi Dwang


  • Hym's name was inspired since he didn't have a name so they referred to the character as "Him".

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