TJ 2: Trec In Time is the sequel to TJ for the Wii, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, and the PC. It will be released in Fall 2011.


After defeating Trecner 2 years ago, Brandon becomes TJ's best friend and Courtney becomes TJ's girlfriend. Little do they know that the future Trecner has teamed up with the future Tyson and the other Trecners from different time periods. Past Trecner returns too and kidnaps Courtney. Now TJ, with help from Brandon must travel through different time periods, rescue Courtney, and defeat the Trecners and Tyson in order to save the future.


  • TJ-The main hero of the game. He travels through different time periods with his best friend Brandon to rescue his girlfriend Courtney and to defeat the Trecners and Tyson.
  • Brandon-TJ's best friend. He helps you on your mission to rescue Courtney and defeat the Trecners and Tyson.
  • Courtney-TJ's girlfriend. She gets kidnapped by Past Trecner and TJ and Brandon must rescue her from the Trecners and Tyson.
  • Past Trecner-TJ's archenemy. He returns from TJ and kidnaps TJ's girlfriend Courtney. He teams up with Future Trecner and the other Trecners and Tyson from different time periods.
  • Future Trecner-Obviously, the future version of TJ's archenemy. He teams up with Past Trecner and the other Trecners and Tyson from different time periods.
  • Tyson-In TJ, you fought Past Tyson. Now in TJ 2: Trec in Time, you fight Future Tyson. He teams up with Past Trecner, Future Trecner, and the other Trecners from different time periods in order to stop TJ and Brandon from rescuing Courtney and foiling their plans to alter the future.


  • Trecnopolis
  • -Road to Trecner Hall
  • -Exploring the City
  • -To the Top of Tyson's Tower
  • -BOSS: Tyson
  • Crisis Beach
  • -Trouble in Paradise
  • -Deep Sea Danger
  • -Secret of the SS Captrec
  • -BOSS: Captain Trecner
  • Desert Citadel
  • -Secret of the Forbidden Pyramid
  • -Mummy Mania
  • -Tomb Raider TJ
  • -BOSS: Trecankhamen
  • Wacky Western Town
  • -Back in the Old West
  • -Horseback Racing
  • -Outlaws Strike Again
  • -BOSS: Trecner the Kid
  • Treasure Mountain
  • -Going on a Treasure Hunt
  • -Through the Treasure Cavern
  • -Stealing Superior Stones
  • -BOSS: Trecner Jones
  • Galactic Station
  • -Station Infiltration
  • -Capture the Aliens
  • -Space Chase
  • -BOSS: Astro Trecner
  • Trecelot
  • -Medieval Madness
  • -A Chivalrous Rescue
  • -Secret of King Trecthur's Castle
  • -BOSS: King Trecthur
  • Warfare Fleet
  • -Big Military Action
  • -Stowaway Aboard the Megacruiser
  • -Destroy the Trecblimps
  • -BOSS: Admiral Trecner
  • Haunted Palace
  • -Through the Haunted Maze
  • -Capture the Ghosts
  • -Monster Showdown
  • -BOSS: Dead Trecner
  • Castle Trecner
  • -Fight for the Future
  • -BOSS: Future Trecner and Past Trecner


  • 1-Captain Trecner
  • 2-Trecankhamen
  • 3-Trecner the Kid
  • 4-Trecner Jones
  • 5-Astro Trecner
  • 6-King Trecthur
  • 7-Admiral Trecner
  • 8-Dead Trecner
  • 9-Tyson
  • 10-Future Trecner and Past Trecner

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