TJ is a new game and the start of the TJ franchise. It will be released in Spring 2010 for the Wii, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, and the PC.


After stopping an alien invasion in the year 5000, a boy from the future named TJ is sent back to the past after an evil genius named Trecner traps him in his time machine. He is sent to Wisener School, where he is ridiculed by his classmates especially, by a boy named Trecner, who beats him up during recess and steals his lunch money. After aliens attack the school and TJ saves everyone, they start to respect him. Everyone but Trecner. TJ soon finds out Trecner was the one who sent him back in time to prevent his existence. Trecner soon kidnaps everyone in TJ's class and takes them to Castle Trecner. Now TJ must rescue his classmates and stop Trecner from altering the future evenmore.


  • TJ-The main hero of the game. He was sent back in time by Trecner to prevent his existence. He's ridiculed by the Trecner from the past and his classmates at Wisener School, but the classmates, except Trecner, start to respect him after he saves them from aliens. He has to save his classmates after they got kidnapped by Trecner.
  • Trecner-The main villain of the game. There are 2 versions of him, the past version and the future version. The future version tries to prevent TJ's existence by sending him back in time. The past version picks on him in various ways and later kidnaps his classmates and plans to destroy TJ for good. The future Trecner will appear in the sequel, TJ 2: Trec In Time, along with the past Trecner.
  • Brandon-One of the only 2 classmates that respect TJ before the alien invasion. He, along with Courtney help out TJ on his quest. He later gets kidnapped by Trecner, along with Courtney and the rest of his classmates.
  • Courtney-One of the only 2 classmates that respect TJ before the alien invasion. She, along with Brandon help out TJ on his quest. She later gets kidnapped by Trecner, along with Brandon and the rest of his classmates.
  • Tyson-Trecner's right-hand man. He helps Trecner with his plan to destroy TJ and alter the future. He is fought before Trecner.


  • Wisener School
  • -The First Day of School
  • -Alien Invasion (Boss: King Vlazo)
  • -Tyson Rules the School (Boss: Tyson)
  • Wild West Gulch
  • -Big Town Trouble (Boss: Wily the Kid)
  • -Wild West Mines
  • -Wily the Kid Returns (Boss: Wily the Kid Again)
  • Carniville
  • -Clowning Around (Boss: Quinson)
  • -Rollercoaster Rampage
  • -Under the Big Top
  • Twilight Paradise
  • -The Twilit Trail
  • -Haunted Mansion Madness
  • -Twiz's Magic Show (Boss: Twiz)
  • Aquatica
  • -Board Trecner's Sub
  • -Attack of the Pirates (Boss: Captain Cut 'N' Clip)
  • -Revenge of the Pirates (Boss: Captain Cut 'N' Clip Again)
  • Jumbo Jungle
  • -Vine Swing Valley
  • -Jungle Hut Infestation
  • -Through the Jungle Caves
  • Chillfreeze Peak
  • -Fire on the Icy Peak (Boss: Dragmafly)
  • -Pass through the Chillfreeze Pass
  • -Snowman Sabotage (Boss: Snow Sentinel)
  • Volcanic Temple
  • -The Temple's Fiery Center
  • -Volcanic Panic
  • -Dragmafly Strikes Back (Boss: Dragmafly Again)
  • Surreal Land
  • -Welcome to Crazytown
  • -The Mystery of Surreal Stronghold (Boss: Twiz Again)
  • -The Mex of Villains (Boss: Mex)
  • Castle Trecner
  • -Showdown With Trecner (Boss: Trecner)


  • 1-Wily the Kid Fight 1
  • 2-Wily the Kid Fight 2
  • 3-Quinson
  • 4-Twiz Fight 1
  • 5-Captain Cut 'N' Clip Fight 1
  • 6-Captain Cut 'N' Clip Fight 2
  • 7-King Vlazo
  • 8-Dragmafly Fight 1
  • 9-Snow Sentinel
  • 10-Dragmafly Fight 2
  • 11-Twiz Fight 2
  • 12-Mex
  • 13-Tyson
  • 14-Trecner

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