The game's boxart for the Lol.pc NEXGEN.
Developer(s) GlassHat Studios.
Publisher(s) GlassHat Studios.
Platform(s) Lol.pc NEXGEN
Release Date(s)
September 11th, 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) MMO, Fighting
Media Included Lol.pc Disc
The GLADIATORIAL GAMES OF GLADIATORIALISM is an MMO Fighting game produced by GlassHat for the Lol.pc NEXGEN. The game is centered around a phenomena which brings together beings from different universes as a result of the crisis in Crimea.


The Crisis in Crimea has been persisting for a full 7 years with seemingly no end to the stalemate. At this point, Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided that this must be broken and recommissioned an abandoned Russian project which sought out to achieve time-travel. The aim was to be able to change the events of time and in order to use the occuring paradox to make sure that Russia keeps possession of Crimea. The machine which was built worked, however it caused a phenomena called the "extrauniversal rift" which opened in the area, allowing beings from different universes to enter and claim Crimea for themselves. It was then decided that they should battle to the death in order to decide who should be able to keep Crimea.


Basic Gameplay

The gameplay within The Gladiatorial Games of Gladiatorialism is set in a third-person perspective within the arena and acts similarly to a traditional fighting game taking elements from Hack'n'Slash titles such as No More Heroes. The player can use a variety of moves within battle by performing certain combinations with the Lol.pc Keys - with further Chained-Attacks serving as combinations of combos strung between one and another to perform high-damage moves. Fighters can suffer from certain states within battle such as poison, paralysis, limb-loss and burning caused by certain enemy attacks. Eventually, a player can execute a special attack as a damage-meter increases which can have devastating effects against a target.


The matchmaking within the game works upon a player's previous ranking within the game set by whether they win matches or not - setting the player with other players of similar levels. The battles are formatted in free-for-all 6-man matches or 2v2v2 matches on a variety of maps. For weekly-tournaments, the player is matched within one of four divisions based upon their level and will have to fight in a 1v1 formatted as per the tournament ladder.

Character Store

If you win matches, you will be able to get Russian Rubles as a reward. The money can be used to buy new characters which can be used in battle. The money can also be used to purchase skins for certain characters as well.


Image Name Series Info Cost
PutinBoss Vladimir Putin Real Life President Vladimir Putin had sought out to take Crimea in order to protect the most-likely dead Russian Minorities. He is able execute long chained-attacks and can use an ICBM as his special move. Free
Obama Barack Obama Real Life An equally-proficient fighter to Putin, Obama specializes in quick-attacks and stunning enemies with Sanctions. His main objective is to use the oil lines and to station troops in Sevastopol to fight the Iraqis. Free
Hitler Adolf Hitler Real Life One of the first to be released in the rift, Hitler seeks to take over Crimea in order to get Lebensraum. He is equipped with a Luger P08 and passively uses gas to damage enemies. Free
TommyWiseauAlt1 Alternate Tommy Wiseau Real Life The first of the characters to have entered from the extrauniversal rift, he is one of the most well-acclaimed Indie-Actors in the world - he seeks Crimea in order to have space to construct a Studio. His directing powers are used in battle consistently. Free
POLANDBALL Polandball Polandball One of the first to exit the rift having been conceived from human consciousness, Polandball can attack through the use of plungers and may summon the EU. Rubye120
TheBatter The Batter OFF An extrauniversal entity who seeks to purify the world - with his first priority being Crimea and those who are there. He can use his bat, competence and his Hula-Hoops to fight. Rubye120
Spookyskin spooky gost Real Life citation needed Attracted by the presence of The Batter within Crimea, spooky gost followed him through the rift in order to satisfy his need to spook. His abilities are primarily for group-support and enemy harassment through his ghostly abilities Rubye120
RGB2 RGB The Property of Hate It is unknown as to who or what RGB actually is. However, as a product of the Rift he is forced to fight. His powers are mostly based around the manipulation of thought and the use of vials to support team members. It's not known if he's recovered someone new to serve as "Hero". Rubye165
Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Real Life The game's resident narrator, Freeman's power is considerably high and his ability to narrate allows him to identify enemy fighters and possible attacks. Rubye165
Morgan Freeman Alternate Morgan Freeman Real Life The game's resident mute, Freeman's power is considerably low though despite this he is able to charge his special-ability meter faster than average characters. Rubye165


  • This game is currently banned in both Germany and Bangladesh.