TE Studios
The Logo For the company.
Type of Company Video Game & Movie & TV Company
Founder(s) TE Matt (Original Founder)

Thektdude (New Founder)

Founded at/in 2014
Owner(s) Thektdude

TE Matt Wowimjarred

No. of Employee(s) TE Matt - Founder

Thektdude - Manager

Wowimjarred - Administrator

TE Studios is a video gamer developer and film studio company founded by DolphinYoshi aka Matt.


Name Developer/s Console/platform
Mario Kart:Final Lap TE Matt (tbc) Nintendo 4DS (Tenative Title)
Lego Legend of Zelda Thektdude (tbc) Wii U & The V²
Mesozoic World: A Primal Adventure! TE Matt (tbc) Wii U, Nintendo 4DS (Tentative Title), PC, iOS & Android
Mother: Your Adventure Thektdude (tbc) Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo 4DS (Tentative Title)
Super Mario Strikers X Thektdude (tbc) Nintendo Switch & Blizzard X & The V²
Pokémon Prime and Nadir TE Matt (tbc) Nintendo 4DS (Tentative Title)
Noxious Thektdude (tbc) The V², Nintendo Switch, Pacifico and Thermo Z
Mother Online Thektdude (tbc) Wii U, Nintendo Switch, The V², Pacifico and Thermo Z
Upon Us Thektdude (tbc) Xbox One, PS4, PC, Blizzard X, Nintendo Switch, Pacifico and The V²
Lego Adventures of Kieron Thektdude (tbc) Thermo Z, Nintendo Switch, Pacifico and The V²

Joe's World

Thektdude (tbc) Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, The V²Pacifico and Thermo Z
Nintendo x Fantendo Thektdude (tbc) Nintendo Switch, The V²Pacifico and Thermo Z
Super Smash Bros. Spark Thektdude (tbc) Nintendo Switch, The V²Pacifico and Thermo Z
Mother VI Thektdude (tbc) TBA

Collabs Edit

Name Developers Console/platform Collab with
StarBound Prime: Angels from Above Thektdude (tbc) Thermo Z & Nintendo Switch & The V² KinglerMaster (tbc) from ThermoBurst
Tales of Earthbound KirbiMiroir (tbc) & Thektdude (tbc) TBA Power Paintbrush Productions
Captain Marvel Thektdude (tbc) TBA Marvel Gaming Universe
Deadpool Thektdude (tbc) TBA Marvel Gaming Universe

TV ShowsEdit

Name Creators TV Channel/Service
Lucas and the Flashlight Tag Game Thektdude (tbc) Lonestar
Upon Us: The Events Thektdude (tbc) Lonestar


Name Director Release Date Collab with
Childhood Adventure Thektdude (tbc) July 16th 2016 No one
Star Wars Fantendo Episode I - Return of the Sith Thektdude (tbc) April 21st 2017 PolisKanin (tbc)
Road Trip Adventure Movie Thektdude (tbc) December 8th 2017 BRVR (tbc)
The Peanuts Sequel Thektdude (tbc) July 6th 2018 Blue Sky Studios
The Events Thektdude (tbc) November 9th 2018 No One
Star Wars Fantendo Episode III Thektdude (tbc) May 10th 2019 PolisKanin (tbc)
Earthbound (2020 Film) Thektdude (tbc) January 31st 2020 Reel FX Animation Studios
Explorers Thektdude (tbc) September 11th 2020 Joe Dante
Earthbound Endings Thektdude (tbc) March 12th 2021 Reel FX Animation Studios
Halloween Thektdude (tbc) October 22nd 2021 No One
Kids Never Die Thektdude (tbc) June 3rd 2022 TBA
With The Light Thektdude (tbc) December 6th 2024 TBA
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2025 Film) Thektdude (tbc) July 11th 2025 TBA


Name Type Release Date
KT Box Office Movie Service (Which is free for the The V². April 3rd 2016


Icon Name Position
TE Matt (tbc) Founder
Thektdude (tbc) Manager
Wowimjarred (tbc) Administrator