TEN5DOT is a fanon company founded by Corndog52 and other non-wikia users over Google Docs. The company works on platformers and RPGs mainly. Its name came to be while Corndog52 rearranged @1985 Nintendo on the original Super Mario Bros. title screen.

Some RPGs being worked on by TEN5DOT are Undertale II, Yolandshneer (the only game that TEN5DOT can actually make profit from since all of its ideas are completely original with no stolen copyrights, wowie!), and a few unique RPGs being made in Minecraftwith the help of CustomNPCs, being Super MarioCraft Galaxy, Super MarioCraft 64, and The Legend of Derpa.

Some platformers being worked on by TEN5DOT are Mario: Climb the Tower!, Super Mario Brothers: Frozen in Time, and Wario Bros.

An exception of what is being worked on is Super Smash Bros. Scuffle, obviously enough, a platformer-type fighting game like Nintendo's Smash games.

The workers in TEN5DOT are Sansthedougeton21 (a storyboard director), TheGenoSans (number worker, e.g., determines the attack powers of characters in Undertale II) Corndog52 (a block coder who has formally worked on a discontinued RPG called Zear) and a side-helper who doesn't even know he's helping, RHY3756547, who provides the public with gravity and platforming codes, which are very useful for TEN5DOT's platformers.

The company hopes to keep on growing with good ideas for games!

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