Next level ...and again?
Game Flame in the Dark 4
Character Ceallachán Mackay
Team Tartan Army (Celtic Military)
Place Tartan Army Military Training Base, Near Glasgow, Scotland
Objective Train the Tartan Army recruits and Complete the CQB Test.
Enemies none
Back in this shit-hole again.

TATD? is the first level in Flame in the Dark 4. It serves as a tutorial level for the game.


You start as Ceallachán Mackay, a new Tartan Army recruit. Firstly, Clyde will tell Mackay to fire at some targets from the hip. Following this - he tells Mackay to fire down the sight and be in a stable stance (crouched). Clyde then tells Mackay how to throw a frag grenade. Following this, Clyde tells Ceallachán to meet up with Banana Jr. at the CQB Test. After completing it, Banana Jr. will tell Mackay to head back to base, however a message comes through about a battle in Germany - and the recruits get ready for battle.

CQB Test

The only hard part of the level is the CQB Test. This will tell the player how high the games difficulty should be.


Nice job - that is how you do it.
Banana Jr. - Completing the CQB Test in under 30 seconds.

Amazing! That was great.
Banana Jr. - Completing the CQB Test in under 25 seconds.

Intel Items

  • Intel 1 - Found by the weapons used in the CQB Test.


See: TATD?/Transcript


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