Name TAR-21
Fairly Accurate
Fire Rate
3 Burst Shot, 1.75 Second Cooldown
Description Rifles used for military combat at close ranges and are probably one of the more modern weapons out of the rebel selection.

The TAR-21 is a rifle used in a TBA game by the Player and Raven Drones. The Rifle is found later in the game (Specifically "Segment 4:The Riot") as a dropped weapon from Raven Drones, as are other weapons such as the Butterfly Knife. The TAR-21 has a 3 Bullet Burst shot and has a fairly short cooldown period of 1.25 Seconds. The rifle is also less accurate than the M1911 and each bullet from the TAR-21 does less damage than a bullet from the M1911, Though the TAR-21 makes up for this with it being a weapon which can deal damage quickly with the burst fire.

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