TAC is a newcomer fighter in Project L representing the Kirby franchise, being the second new Kirby rep in Project L, alongside Galacta Knight. TAC is an unique fighter as he can copy any move from the opponents with his Neutral B special move. He is a lightweight figher around the same size of Kirby.

Character description

TAC is a lightweight small character, meaning that he is fast and can be KO'd easier. TAC can utilize the abilities of the Kirby's copy abilities from Kirby Super Star as a part of his moveset, alongside his Neutral B, in which he can steal any ability from the opponent. The move has great range and can steal any move that the opponent is currently using.

What differs Kirby's Inhale and TAC's Copy is that Kirby only copies the Neutral B, where TAC can copy any special move that the opponent can, with the exception of the Final Smash. He can also trap oppponents inside the bag that he carries and he can utilize a technique called "TACside", in which he sacrifices himself and the opponent.

Special Moves

Galacta Knight's Special Moves
Standard Special Copy Hand *
Side Special Jet *
Up Special Wing *
Down Special Plasma *
Final Smash Crash *



Victory Theme

Palette Swaps