T.U.C.: Tatical Umbrella Combat (or simply known as T.U.C.) is a 3D action stealth third-person fightning umbrella game. The main feature is the large 3D open-world, which features destructable objects and many hidden secrets. The combat system is very different from other Umbrella games. Instead of rushing to defeat your opponent fast as you can, the player has to be slow and plan every move in order to defeat the enemy. Being stealth is the name of the game.

The game features a large selection of characters, but most of the characters are from obscure series or series that aren't used that much, confirming that characters like Mario or Sonic will not appear in the game. Less known characters from those series might appear thouhg.



T.U.C.: Tatical Umbrella Combat is a 3D third-person arena shooter, players can choose between eight factions, even though players from the same faction can fight each other. Each faction has 20 members. Each character have a starting weapon or ability, but they can also pick up weapons depending of the arena. The game plays in a team-deathmatch style. As mentioned before, the player from the same team can attack a team member, but doing so, it turns into a Traitor. Being a Traitor allows to join the other factions side, but that doesn't means they will allow them in, it depends on the AI or the leader player on the other side. If a team member attacks a traitor, the team gets 2 points. To win, the players have to kill the members from the other factions and if an enemy is killed, the team score 1 point. They have to reach a certain number of points in order to win, but the default number is 30.

Players can also get Spirit Upgrades, which serves as boosts in different aspects, depending of the Spirit Upgrade. Players can also get killtags, which can be used to improve weapons, if scores a headshot, the player also gets skulltags, temporary boosts of health and defense. Each character plays in a different way, some can use long-ranged combat (weapons such as bows or military guns) or melee combat. Some have different battle styles such as Pit, that uses aerial combat.


WiiU A Button2 A Button Run
WiiU B Button2 B Button Jump
WiiU X Button2 X Button Item - Trigger Spirit Upgrade
WiiU Y Button Y Button Stealth
WiiU L Button L Button Talk
WiiU R Button R Button Roll - Dodge
WiiU LZ Button LZ Button Shoot
WiiU RZ Button RZ Button Projectile Throw
Circlepad L Circle Pad Move
Circlepad R Circle Pad Aim
3DS Stylus Stylus Weapon Switch
WiiU Home Button Start Button See Match Info
WiiU Select Button Select Button Pause the Game
WiiU Start Button Home Button Go to the Home Menu


Each character is separted into different factions.

Blazing Falcons (Starter)

Character Description Special Ability
Master Chief-H3
Master Chief
A silent, yet dangerous chief. Master Chief is from the future and as a result, have weaponry from the future. He is a fast character, but also a loud one, due his armor which can create loud sounds.

Sticky Grenade: A grenade that sticks in the enemy. Press the shoot button will make it explode.

A silent creature that has a deadly weaponry. The Worm have a large selection of weapons with different uses and it is a very, very slow character. Dunkey Statue: A giant Dunkey Statue falls and crushes everyone that is below it. Fast, but useless in large arenas.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy, more specifically, a Bouncer Big Daddy. A protector of the Gathers known as Little Sisters. Big Daddies are surprisingly fast and doesn't make loud noises. Little Sister Swarm: Big Daddy will spawn many Little Sisters close to the enemy's team members. If the Little Sister gets to the player, another Big Daddy will one-hit KO the player.
Waluigi, a simple weird person. Cousin of the well known Mario Brothers, Waluigi is a fast character, but due his weirdness, he likes to always do his signature laugh.

Step Aside, Waluigi Time: Waluigi throws larger bombs into longer distances.

Pit is an angel that works for the goddess Palutena. He is a very fast character on air, while a pretty good character on ground. His main weapon is his bow. Palutena's Army: Summons seven Centurions that fly around him. The Centurions will attack anyone close to him.
Mukuro Ikusaba
Mukuro Ikusaba is an incredible soldier, even gaining the title of Ultimate Soldier. She mainly uses long-ranged combat and can take a lot of damage. Mask Bomb: Mukuro puts a mask in the closest enemy, which in few seconds, it explodes.
200px-Batman City
Bruce Wayne is billionare, at his young years, his parents were killed. He had a fear of bats and after recovering from that fear, he turns into the crime fighter Batman. As Batman, he doesn't have any special powers, but he has a lot of gadgets. I'm Batman: Makes all the enemy goes blind and gets twice as powerful and fast.
200px-Duster Clay
Duster is son of Wess, a thief. Like his father, Duster is also a thief. He attack kick enemies and can also use the Rope Snake to attack. He also has a lot of special abilities using his Thief Tools. PK Love Omega: Summons Lucas who uses PK Love Omega in everyone, except team members.
Red Ninja Baseball Batman
Red is one of the Ninja Baseball Batman and presumably the leader of them. He is pretty fast and relies on melee combat. Team Unite!: He summons the other members of his team. It works similarly to Pit's Palutena Army.
Master of the water and the darkness, Greninja is an extremely fast combatant, who prefers working on the shadows. He uses the Water Shuriken, a deadly liquid projectile. Night Slash: Kicks the opponent in the air and gives quick and powerful attacks which KO's them instantly.
He-Man is actually Prince Adam, prince of Eternia. Wielding a magical sword that turns him into He-Man, the strongest man on the universe. He is powerful, but he is sometimes dumb and not really a fan of violence. Battle Cat: Summons Battle Cat and entries in a invicible mode where nobody hurts him and he gives pretty powerful attacks.


Starting Arenas

Stage S.H.I.E.L.D. Database Info
Erebor Halls
Erebor Mines
Erebor is one of the last Dwarfes kingdoms that still exists on the Middle Earth. The kingdom was attacked by a horde of orcs and their king was slayed. The surviving dwarfes, including the prince now wants back thier kingdom. This verison of Erebor is from before the orcs attack. Fighters will be able to fight on both the main part of the kingdom or fight on the mines. Either way, this is a big arena with tons of places to hide.
Hope's Peak Academy
Hope's Peak Academy is an academy where only the best of the best are allowed to join. However, it turns out to be a death trap. The students who got in this school are now trapped forever until someone kills someone and doesn't give discovered by the others. The arena itself is small at first, but killing opponents unlocks new floors of the arena.

Unlockable Arenas

Spirit Upgrade

Spirit Upgrades works like summons in this game. The player can get Spirit Upgrades by finding Spiritual Fountains or simply by defeating an enemy in a way or defeating an enemy that has that Spirit Upgrade.

Character Description Ability
Deadly creatures that brings diseases to the Mushroom Kingdom civilization. Fortunaletly, they produced a medicine that can kill the creature once for all. The player can get one of the three virus and if they shot in an area of the opponent's body that doesn't kill him/her/it in one hit, they will be infected with the virus, quicky losing health.
Daughter of a shopkeeper, she now takes care of her father's shopkeeper after her father got a big dept. She is guided by a fairy called Tear. When trigerred, Recette will randomly throw items necessary to the player at the moment, such like healing items, ammo and rarely weapons.






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