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T.T. has his own forms, some characters can be touches and turnd into a form. The game well be appears in New Super Mario Bros: T.T. Keepers, New Super Mario Bros. Hic-Cup Paths and Super Smash Bros. (series).


Please see your own power-ups.


  • Small - If you touch by enemy, you lose one of your 10 hearts.
  • Super - When get Hearts, you make the hearts full.
  • Fire - T.T. can shoot Fireballs.
  • Ice - T.T. can shoot Iceballs.
  • Cape - T.T. can wears Collar Cape.
  • Leaf - T.T. has ears and an tail.
  • Tanooki - T.T. can wear suit from ears and tail.
  • Hammer - T.T. wears Hammer Bro's Helmet.
  • Propeller - T.T. can wears gold heller-helmet.
  • Etc.


  • Tiptup - T.T. can turnd into Tiptup.
  • Butch - T.T. can wear Butch Cat Suit.
  • Etc.


Please see here for more characters.



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