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T-Wrecks is a character who appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a T-Rex who acts as a member of the BRUTISH Team. Despite being a dinosaur, he is more vegetarian rather than carnivore. He is the nicest member of his team.


T-Wrecks can do a chomp on enemies that do severe damage and can also do a skullbash on a group of enemies. He can do a tail spin that can knock all enemies who surround him. When his energy is full he can go on a rampage, destroying enemies he runs over and cannot be harmed at all during his rage.


T-Wrecks was born back in the beginning of time, where the dinosaurs ruled the planet in the year 600 000 000 BC. T-Wrecks lived peacfully with his family... Until the ice age began and it turns his tropical village into a snowy forest. During the ice age where all the dinosaurs are freezing to death, T-Wrecks was burried alive in an avalanche while getting his brother's toy.

T-Wrecks was frozen in the ice for milleniums until finally the 600th Millenium where he was free from his icy prison due to global warming. Seeing himself in a huge modern city, T-Wrecks wanted a job to survive so he became an Elite Hero.


T-Wrecks is more nicer than his other members of the BRUTISH Team. He always eats vegtables, despite being a carnivorous animal, rather than flesh otherwise he'll get "stomach nots" (upset stomach). He often scolds his leader, Bruter, when he acts tough on people when he shouldn't.

He also has a secret crush on Big Mama, especially when she wrestles. He also does well in class, being a straight A student in history class but struggles in math.

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