T-Rex is a rexe in Super Paper Bros.. He is also a commanding officer of the Agents of Shadow. His traditional rexe horn was shattered as a sign of exile. He sucked his pride and enlist as a member of Lord Kala his skills were sighted by General Phai who saw to it the he was put in the Agents of Shadow. He duels Rawk Hawk, the former champion of the Glitz Pit. This duel is one
sided as T-Rex overpowers Rawk Hawk up till the very end in which Rawk Hawk makes a dramatic comeback, by destroying the entire bridge. Both fall into the waterfall below, forcing Mario to save Rawk Hawk.


  • Since Rawk Hawk survived the crash, it is assumed that T-Rex survived the fall as well. Making him the second Agent of Shadow to perhaps survive.

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