Syria art by Half-blood2000 (tbc)
Full Name Syria
Current Age 22
Gender Female
Location Noah
Thieves Guild
Family and Relations
Strafe - father
Kireth - mother
Silence - uncle
Marcus - half-brother
Athene - half-sister
Micaliye - grandmother
Lock - grandfather
Main Weapon(s) Dual Colt M1900s
First Appearance Syria
Latest Appearance Syria

Syria is Strafe's daughter, and the main character of her own game. She is one of the Rotten, but hides this by wearing a hood and a masquerade mask.



Personal Information

Physical Description

Syria is unhealthily thin due to her disease, and her skin is a sickly pale colour. She wears a hood and masquerade mask to cover her face, a dark red jumper, grey gloves, and black jeans.


Syria is very reclusive, rarely opening her emotions up to others in fear of having them hurt like she was when her father died to the Rot (the only exception to this behaviour being her uncle, Silence).


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