Synthia is a character in the Folklore series who appears in the original game of the same name. Synthia is a Scottish witch who created Lacey and gave her to Mary. She is a Cat Síth and was originally called Kitty.


Witch Form

Synthia has pale almost white skin and large wide eyes with tiny pupils, the area around her eyes is a dark black color that fades into her white skin. She has a large smile the curls and spirals at her cheekbones. She has long black greasy hair and wears a long white robe, the sleeves similar to an undone straight jacket.

Cat Form

Synthia has dark black fur and long skinny legs. Her spine arches and her tail curls under her. She has a long neck and one of her ears is damaged. Her eyes are a glowing yellow and she has a glass plate on her chest, looking into it reveals the souls she has stolen, looking into it also steals the lookers soul.


Synthia is based on the Cat Síth, a cat like creature in Scottish folklore that jumps over the bodies of the dead to prevent their souls from passing on into the afterlife. Cat Síth's are said to be witches who can transform into cats, but only nine times, on the ninth transformation, they will remain a cat until they die.


  • She was originally called Kitty.
  • She is one of the oldest characters in the game, being roughly 8000 years old.
  • She was originally going to curse Mary into a deep sleep but this was replaced with the creation of Lacey

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