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Syi (E-Verse)
Full Name Syi
Current Age 18
Gender Female
Species Scarecrow
Location Murkon
Current Status Alive
Class Bounty Hunter
First Appearance Hell Unbound: E-Verse Pt. 1
Series E-Verse
Initially made into a girlfriend for Elisin, Syi managed to escape their grip after having suffered incredible abuse and trauma from their handling of her as an individual. Tired of the sorrow-filled landscape and wanting to break free, Syi decided to join one of many failed resistances as a bounty hunter to put Elisin down, but doesn't present herself as a real heroine whatsoever in the E-Verse. Blinded by revenge and sorrow, Syi became a malevolent force of her own, being a one-woman army that cannot be messed with. The endless fear pounding in her chest and the memories tainting her brain always put her on full alert, always watching out for the untrustworthy and attacking whenever she feels provoked.

The Mallory-like damage done to her was enough to scar Syi and alter her train of thought completely, turning her from a shy, yet kind woman into a psychopath who wants to murder the hell out of Elisin with every single weapon she has in her arsenal. The "blood" coursing through her body made her frantic enough to murder all of her associates and focus her goals strictly onto Elisin. She had been driven mad and went from being a hero of sorts to a twisted villain without even realizing the max potential of her damage. Every time she gets near the point of realizing her path of destruction, she shakes it off and tries to continue the beaten path that she started after two weeks of existence as an E-Verse.

Physical description

This Syi wears a red-and-black suit of armor with glowing blue energy cores distributed evenly throughout the suit, with her arms and legs completely inside the suit. Her general body remains the same, but it looks a lot more torn and distorted than it had ever been before. Syi's suit and head is covered with blood, and she almost always holds a mace in her right hand.


Initially, Syi was a shy and gentle scarecrow who appeared to be happy, but almost immediately began facing extreme levels of anxiety and paranoia before having it crack inside of her, abandoning Elisin and deciding to become a bounty hunter in hopes of aiding the E-Verse against Elisin. As time drew on though, she became more and more desperate, killing off associates and becoming ferocious and more dangerous, devolving into a psychopath of sorts with the intent of murdering Elisin to eliminate them from the world despite their deity-like powers. Completely traumatized by Elisin's behaviors, Elisin is very distrusting of others and distances herself from them, otherwise she will end up killing them to settle down her fears.

The guilt from killing off innocents never leaves Syi, making her into a decidedly more horrid and frightening creature with the want to kill Elisin and not even do anything more after that. Encounters with Syi usually have her be calm, then kill the person she's near if they pose any sort of threat to any aspect of her life. Agony and fear twist Syi to the point where she's no longer even rational, becoming more like a cyborg as the days pass. Her ridiculousness got her to the point where she can only trust herself, and everyone who she knows can't cooperate with her standards must die. This includes the actual heroes of the E-Verse who eventually want to stand against Elisin, like Unten or Melissa.


Speed and strong prowess already made Syi into an unbreakable force, with her able to dish out many vines out of her body and either strangle or strike her opponents to death. Using her mace, she can murder several people in a row without much of an issue, and easily tear up the bodies to stop Leah from being able to stitch them back up. Syi's armor allows her to block against simple attacks and puts bullets in general to a stop, and absorbs electricity to heal herself. She can course aloe vera through her own body to cure any diseases she contacted or any injuries she suffered. Even when in a panic, Syi can think fast and behave on instinct and as she pleases, allowing her to evade most attacks that would require her to be off guard.



Despite knowing Unten's role, Syi is as merciless to him as anyone else, not showing any faith or trust in him and intends to kill him off if he ever shows any signs of truly siding with Elisin, the person she hates the most. Unten had complained at least three times about Syi's violent, heartless personality but to no avail, as Elisin loves to watch the devious scarecrow run about aimlessly.