Syi-View is a thing that this person named .snickedge (tbc) told me to make for some reason. It's pretty much a review system where I review your projects?...I don't know what for but whatever. I am to rate articles and give a few sentences to accompany it rather than do a straight up full review, as too many people do that now. I started this on...December 8th, I guess.

EDIT JANUARY 28: Hello, it's me again. I just want to let you guys know that Syi-View is no longer in operation due to schedule stress and lack of time, and also lack of interest in this review system. Thank you for your time and energy into looking into the project!

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The System

Syi Fiction Star

That's a golden star. In my ratings, you'll get a certain amount of them to show how much I enjoy reading your...project. You can have up to seven. If you get no stars, that means I wholly despise your article and its contents. The golden stars are the ones that give the most points.

Syi Fiction Red Star

These are creative stars, displayed in red. If I notice things in your article that are very unique, I will place red stars right next to your golden ones. You can have up to two.

Syi Fiction Green Star

This is the last star. If your article is well structured and has good grammar, you will deserve this star. It would fit best with the golden stars, you may think, but I think this one needs to be separate as it's not a real quality of the article's content.


These articles have been reviewed. Look at them if you so desire.  So far, I have reviewed 39 articles, if the Attica and Raphael set is counted as one.

About Perfect (10)

Excellent (9)

Great (8)

Good (7)

Alright (6)

Mediocre (5)

Skippable (4)

Bad (3)

Terrible (2)

Plan 9 from Outer Space equivalents (1)

Best of the Worst (0)

Wow, I got to review quite a few things.  Thanks, guys!... ...I'm going to pray none of my friends try to copy me off for this.


Here, you can publish articles for me to look at, but please make note that before you post anything that your project needs to have over 6,000 bytes. I do not want to look at a stub and rate it, it'll be a waste of my time and for those who are waiting to have their reviews published.

I can only take eight reviews at a time, so if there's already eight waiting to be reviewed, don't add anything to the list.  Only one thing per person.


  • What do you mean I'm a fictional character?