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Syi-Fi is the collective name of the stories and games featuring Syi, even when not applying to fictions. The series' director and primary writer is snicks, and is the only series of snicks' heavily featured in the Fantendoverse.

Main Characters

  • Syi: The main character of Syi-Fi as judging by the name alone.  Starting out as a scarecrow meant to serve her village before betraying them for her own benefits and wishes, Syi is a sadistic character who lives a life of sadness and emotional rage, often having to balance elements of self-control, anxiety, and stress to stay alive. is in a troubled relationship with Hene, while they are on really good terms, a lot seems to mysteriously happen between the two of them caused by forces they can't detect very well.   She lacks determination and positivity, she can overcome these with enough willpower and become a strong force that can't be broken regardless of a villain's power, unless they are God-like in ability.
  • Hene: Syi's girlfriend and an abused scarecrow that grew up with her, the two being childhood friends until separated by a mysterious identity. As Syi was the only one able to counsel her through her stressful times, she became miserable and eventually grew malevolent, manipulating a God into giving her a position up there and becoming evil and disoriented and heavily cruel towards everyone, eventually picking on her friend after her own powers have led her to think Syi left her for Hell. However following repeated counselling from the same person, she shrunk from evil and became her friend again, and began getting romantically involved, although their relationship seems to be getting messed with.
  • May: A good friend of Syi and Hene who seeks the goal of being a medic, and often appears at their side to counsel them both when they're going through stressful times, which is common thanks to the conflicting nature of the Woodinn universe and with what they really want.  May is nice and really stress-free, and enjoys spreading kindess and joy wherever she goes.  That said, she can be fiercely defenseful and can attack with sharp, thorny vines to pinch and trap enemies in a wrap of relentless pain.  May has had a history of being kidnapped, being a primary target for the Scarecrow Kid and a few other villains.
  • Scarecrow Kid: A psychic psycho with an incredible thirst for blood, not being quenched until he has at least killed something or someone.  Even if he can't kill, he will capture and torture victims at his own will, and enjoys just the sight of them bleeding and rotting on the floor.  Anyway.  Despite his cruel mannerisms, he's not completely demented and actually can be convinced to be good, and this is implied by the fact that he does not kill May when kidnapped and actually feeds her (albeit just bread and water).  As such, he has trouble deciding on whether or not he should keep at his demented ways or actually begin helping people as he finds fun in even doing the latter, but he's difficult to figure out.



  • Harvester of Sorrow: An action/platformer title with elements from Bayonetta primarily, but also taking elements from Sonic Adventure 2 and Spyro the Dragon.  The game is a reboot of the now non-canon Lurking in the Dark and Frozen Up, but features a lot of the core plot elements, yet rewritten in a less stupid and less cringey way.  It primarily features Syi, Hene, and Scarecrow Kid, who are the playable characters.
  • Searching Through Heaven: TBA

Spin offs

If you have a Syi project you should probably put it here.


  • Syi-Fi is a pretty bad pun on a certain term.  You'll never guess.

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