Syi-Fi is a short story created by Goddess Publishing, dedicated to the scarecrow named Syi and somewhat of a reboot of her original series, ditching the original two fictions. The story centers on the real backstory behind Syi and tells of her relationship with Hene and May, and explores it in a way that ties together several plot holes and strange events such as her random appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort.  Similarly to the original series, Syi is the narrator here (except in the beginning and end) in place of the third story perspective explored in stories such as Gone.

It was succeeded directly by Syi-Fi 2 and more indirectly by Shadows of Mallory.


Hynau is the backdrop for this story, being the city that Syi was born and raised in.  Also raised here were her friends Hene and May. She spends the whole bit of the short story in this town apart from the very beginning and end, where she unveils the story to a woman named Valerie Heartgold.  The story talks briefly about how she grew up and how she got to the events of her time in General's Journey.  Syi-Fi unveils the real reason why Syi's promised.

The Short Story


The businesswoman lifted her face from her newspaper when she heard a raspy knocking on her bedroom door. It was late at night, definitely past curfew. Who the hell would be up at this hour...? Curious, the pretty woman got up from her mattress and dusted herself off, brushing out her knockout carmine hair.

"Come in~!" she sang, expecting a night of passion ahead of her. But instead of that occurring, the door swung slowly open to unveil a towering, shivering human-like scarecrow. "Oh, Syi? Good evening, please sit down, sit down..."

Valerie pat the seat next to her on the mattress, inviting Syi to it. Syi didn't move a single inch from where she was; she stood where she was and just looked at Valerie right in the eyes. The businesswoman gave her a puzzled look, confused by her behavior.

"You don't have to stand all the way over there." breathed Valerie, twitching her fingers in hopes Syi would budge. "Come on Syi...please."

Syi simply nodded and dragged herself over to Valerie, almost in a soulless manner, and plopped herself on the bed as she sniffled to herself. Almost immediately Valerie took concern, moving her hand gently forward to interlock her fingers with Syi's.

"What's wrong, Syi?" whispered Valerie calmly. The sultry tone in her voice was still there, but it was accompanied with a tone of utmost seriousness. "You can respond Syi, I'm not going to hurt you..."

"I just..." spoke up Syi in her tear-choked voice before abruptly pausing. "I...I don't know. One half of me wants to finally get it over with, but the other half doesn't want to hurt you. It's a sort of short story...I don't know, do you want to hear it?"

Valerie rubbed Syi's back, attempting to get her to relax by trickling her fingers down her spine in the most calm way possible. The scarecrow shivered a little as she felt her companion's hand go down her center. She felt comfortable for certain, but still didn't want to pump Valerie with her own curses.

"Of course I want to hear it, you're my best friend." grinned Valerie as she stroked the scarecrow's hair. "You won't hurt me, that much I can promise. Remember that in here, it's always fine to let out your secrets. I did tell you a few of mine back on that journey I had with Scotch, however."

Syi's brain had a flashback. She remembered when she had been cut from the black vines choking her to her old Hynau home, having attacked anyone who even came near her, and how she was convinced to cut her old life in exchange of helping Scotch and friends gain the world back. And she actually accomplished that just fine. During that time, Valerie squeezed herself into the scarecrow's life and befriended her, and helped pull her through the trauma that occurred after the loss of Hene.

"You're not answering me..." whispered Valerie as she rubbed Syi's shoulders. "Are you sure you want to tell me? Because you don't really have to. We can just snuggle if you want."

"No, I have to tell you or I can never enjoy anything again." she responded, clenching her so-called fists. "Please hear me through the whole story, it's not what I've been telling the others...I only trust you with the information. Because..." Syi looked like she were going to cry. "...I don't know, okay!?"

"Shh..." whispered Valerie as she snapped her fingers, getting her pet werewolf Werine off the floor, who stirred from possibly a long nap. "Werine, please fetch Syi a warm blanket and a glass of apple cider. Please do not hesitate."

Werine drowsily nodded and dashed into the first-class kitchen whilst running on her hands and feet, toppling over a tall man in a silvery outfit who was about to head in there too.

"As she goes to get your cider, you can tell me a bit of your story." Valerie beamed at her. "You don't have to be fast or slow, just let it out of your mind. Trust me, I think it's better if things go that way."

Valerie recalled a moment where she had an interview with Phoebe, and smiled as she remembered how well the interview went. A frown was cast over her face, however, when she remembered the sins she committed, and the real past behind her family bloodline.

"Alright..." sighed Syi, hesitating. "Please don't worry about me as I drone on and on. I'm just getting the facts out there for the record before I have to doom myself in thoughts of them even longer."

"I got your back, sweetheart." smiled Valerie as she caressed her friend's smooth cheek. "There's nothing more you have to hide from the world, it's going to be okay."

"Thank you."

The Truth

told from Syi's perspective

I wish I knew how to tell the starts of my stories properly. I was born to a colony of scarecrows led by a fine lady named Mother Nature, who gave birth to every scarecrow following the time of the Great Split. I don't know how they were created before then, so you can't ask me why. For the sake of your time, I'm not going to waste time talking about the full course of my life, so I'm going to just stick with what I personally find interesting before we hit the climax of the story.

Even upon birth I was miserable. Birth to me was apparently very scary because I refused to leave the seed from where I came, and it was assumed that I'd shrivel up in the shell and die. Out of desperation, Mother Nature broke me free from my shell with her arms, but this weakened her because she wasn't intended to do much more than give birth and teach. Moving her roots out of the ground made her drowsy and weak, and she had to pull out a root in order to crack me free.

For most of my early life, I did nothing special, but I was born near a girl named Hene. It was both a blessing and a curse for me for reasons I'll explain later. As babies, we were put together and raised in the same area, and we were always next to each other in classes. It was no real surprise that we ended up talking to each other a bunch and sharing our thoughts and feelings on things. We used to talk mostly about the environment, although we began to speak about our personal problems as we aged.

"You can always confide your troubles in me." Hene said to me once as we were heading back to our space. Every scarecrow had about fifty square meters of land to themselves, and we always had to walk long distances to get to our own. "I'm always there for you."

At the time I was always delighted to hear her say things like that. I used to be scorned at and teased by other scarecrows for having been born late and for even having a late maturing cycle, so it mattered so much to have someone like Hene with me and someone like her to understand what I was saying. In school, I was initially a poor student who could hardly understand how to read and write, but Hene helped teach me the basics and it was her responsibility for having led me so far on forth.

"You never seem to like yourself much, why's that?" she asked me once upon a time as we were walking to our school seats. We mostly talked to each other during our walks. "Like, when you do some awesome stuff you never give yourself nearly enough credit."

"I don't like myself." I'd always say to her. "I don't like building egos."

She giggled and thought I was silly, and she proceeded to tell me how good I was and how well I've been holding up despite all of my problems. I loved Hene so much, and after we finished school, we almost immediately found a house and began to date each other. By this point she was slowly changing, although she remained a sultry attitude with me and was as supportive as ever. At the time, I just thought she was constantly becoming more tired, which made sense as she became the type to party all night.

They say you can't be happy forever, but my case felt more brutal than I really deserved. Life made its turning point when a new scarecrow moved into town; a rich scarecrow named May. We both fell in love with her in a way; while we showed no romantic attachments, May was super kind and got us whatever we wanted without a question. She gave us illegal things and we were allowed to do almost anything under her watch. Little did I realize though that I was nearing the end of the days where I was most happy.

"What do y'all want?" May would often say to us both, running her fingers across her several USA CASH MONEY bills. "Remember that nothing's out of the question with me here."

Most of the days we spent until the moment where I got that push were at a previously abandoned apartment building. We mostly played billiards and spent time glorifying ourselves in the riches May had. I began to notice that time between Hene and I was thinning, she was gone longer than usual when she had to go to places like the bathroom or go and take a shower to cleanse herself off. I never really guessed what was happening and I can't ever confirm what she was thinking during those times.

"Oh, well when we enter our mature states, we need more fertilizer." spoke Hene nervously to me one night when I confronted her. "And sometimes it's harder to satisfy your own needs."

"Are you sure that's all?" I spoke to her, sometimes filled with a sort of worry or anger. "That can't really be it, is it?"

"I swear on my own heart that's it, hon!"

An identity began sneaking around when Hene disappeared too, a nightmarish beast clad in dark clothes and with a bright head that I usually see for only a few minutes. I suppose it was trying to scare me? It never made many advancements on me and just seemed to shift around the landscape for no reason at all. Whenever it moved though, May seemed to behave rather nervously when I reported its appearance. Neither of these two knew anything about the creature, so I assumed I had been seeing things.

"Hey, have you two noticed a dark creature with a sorta bright head going about?" I would sometimes ask, usually with very different wording. "It can't just be me, right?"

"You've been really traumatized, I think it's just that." Hene or May would reply. "Don't worry about it, it's just all in your head."

One day, May invited me to see the sunset.

"Why are you still here?" spoke a dark voice to me as we were standing over the canyon below. "I don't think morons like you deserve to live!"

I remembered how May screamed as a hatchet swung into the cliff under me. I quickly turned around and saw a pumpkin head with flaring red eyes and mouth, and some purple robes. The cackling felt distorted and unrealistic, and I didn't really think about it until the time I returned. I cannot begin to express to you how surreal it was to fall thousands of meters into the canyon below. Somehow, maybe by luck or maybe by endurance, I survived what should have been a fatal fall.

At that time, I should have shot myself to stop myself from torturing myself more. Yet, the power of my love for Hene encouraged me to climb up the steep canyon walls, putting every bit of my endurance and patience into scaling the cliff. I made use of my vines to scale upwards, although it was much tougher than I thought. I wasn't used to thrusting vines from my back and forcing them upwards to gain aerial height. Well, it was more annoying than hard: my vines would often tangle and I'd struggle until they came back apart.

I think the journey up the cliff took a few days. My fists pounded the same area where I fell when I managed to get myself back up there. I sort of wished Hene or May was there to greet me back, but I understood why they didn't just wait out a whole two days. It was strange, however, that there were no search parties made for me or no efforts made to scan the canyon for my body. It must have gone off awfully quiet -- if May screamed though, the whole town should have known about it. Apparently not!

"What?" was all I could really say about the situation. There were no reports, no rewards set up for the capture of a guy like the guy in purple robes. "W-what?"

I was in shock that the entire incident, from me being shoved off a cliff into the canyon to the supposed scream of May, went completely unnoticed. Not a single other scarecrow seemed to acknowledge it or even care. It was kind of heartbreaking, but I assumed I'd get answers when I got back into our home, right? I was just alive enough to scrape myself across the grounds of Hynau, still obsessed with Hene and wanting to live happily with her. Before I knocked on the door, in case things went wrong, I recalled something Hene said to me:

"You can always confide your troubles in me. I'm always there for you."

Sighing, I knocked raspily on the door. May swung open the door from the inside, where she looked at me in complete shock and let out an incomprehensible string of words. Much to my horror, covering her -- and Hene as I saw in moments -- from shoulder to knees were long, sparkling dresses of red colors. Very clearly, the two were embarrassed and backed away from me as I entered their home. When I looked around with my already hurt heart, I noticed the same outfit that had been haunting me: pumpkin head, purple robes, they were pinned to the wall.

Unbelievably, it was on Hene's side of the room. Hene was the one that attempted to push me to my death.

"H-hey!" I blurted out at them, pointing my fingers at them both accusingly. I was clearly hurt, the tears were choking my throat, my loved one tried to hurt me. "Explain w-what the hell happened!"

"F-fine..." sighed Hene as she stammered. "I had to break up with you because I was more interested in May. You're just not...good enough. You don't have what May does and I knew you were sensitive. I tried to kill you so I could get my own way without...having you interfere."

"Why didn't you just explain!?" I asked her, a voice of anger and sadness building in my voice. "Why try to murder me over all of this?"

"I'm sorry. I really am."

I was speechless, and Hene wasn't going to keep me there. She hurled objects at me in an effort to get me to leave. But in my anger, I took then both with my vines and did something that Mother Nature would call an unforgivable act. I curled my vines around their necks and popped them off their bodies, murdering them both. I still feel very guilty over that, but at the time, I felt that revenge was a suitable option. It really hurt me.

I ran away, far away, and took it upon myself to enter the Lifts' hub. I pleaded to Fandraxono immediately for a person that would help me do something that I also regret doing. Fandraxono summoned a scientist to help me out with my problem, and quote for quote, this is exactly what I told the poor, somewhat stubborn scientist to do for me:

"Using this deceased scarecrow's body, can you generate an exact clone of her and have it love me?"

Despite having killed Hene, an obsession quickly built for her. I wasn't done with loving her, and I wanted more. I loathed the days I didn't have her and I screamed when I didn't have hands to hold. The scientist reluctantly agreed to grant my request, and generated a girl that looked just like Hene and behaved like her, but the difference being that she loved me to death.

She lasted until I met a woman named Mallory. She threatened to kill this new Hene if I didn't work with her, and so I did. I never saw her again, and after you broke me from my constraints, Valerie, and after we defeated this wicked witch, I ordered a second one. She lasted until almost a week ago. I finally murdered her myself to try and escape from my own self-torture, but I only made things worse.

And my request wasn't going to be fulfilled a third time.

I joined a sports resort to relax and even took time to get down to some fighting, but it just didn't work out for me.  I faked my happiness and went over obsessive with asses to try and stop people from believing the real side of me.  After those events I just came back up here to talk to you...I really needed your help.

I came to you, Valerie, because you're so caring and charming. And I love you so, so much for just being right here, listening to this whole story...and trying to break me from the unstable me I still am. Your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. I want to be your girlfriend, and to be loved by you, soothed by you when you're not busy, and I want to help you out in the meantime. Please don't leave me.

Then I fell into your arms.

The End

"And that's sort of what happened." sighed Syi as she looked to Valerie, lying down on the bed.  "I'm sorry if that was a little much, I said it'd be a short ride but it went on longer than I expected it to."

"You've gone through a lot." she calmly expressed to me, patting my back.  "Stay here for awhile, you have all the time you need to work out your issues."

Syi took a deep breath and sighed, covering her face.

"I'm sorry I came off as clingy." she sighed again, holding her own shoulders.  "I should really know better by now.  Hey, I'm going to leave you alone for a bit and go to the Naxaz park down the lane.  ...I'll be back by morning maybe and we'll try to come up with how my life's going to work after that."

"That sounds good to me." smiled Valerie.  She opened her mouth as to say something, but decided to keep herself quiet.  Syi gave her an awkward look.  "Oh, it was nothing important Syi, just have fun okay?  You kinda deserve it.  ...By the way, how and why do scarecrows take showers...?"

"Uhh, see we use fertilizers to help our bodies grow." laughed Syi nervously.  "And we kinda have to wash it off or we'd look like a disgrace not just in front of other scarecrows, but the world itself."

"Oh, that makes more sense to me." giggled Valerie.  She let go of Syi's hand and patted her back.  "You go have fun at the park.  I'll await you here again in the morning, and we can handle everything from there on."


  • The events of this story were intended to be told since early 2016's Wooden Aftermath, which was deleted.

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