I do not understand those who wish to destroy feelings or personal attributes of others. It's not right...




Syi by neon

Current Age 23
Date of Birth October 13th
Gender Female
Species Zaxinian Scarecrow
Location Previously Hynau
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Ass, Valerie Heartgold, kind people, healthy environments, having safe spaces, helping others relax, attempting to be a heroine, drinking alcohol, being on the right side of things, helping nature grow, watching time fly by, studying the earth
Mallory, Hene, her hometown of Hynau, dirty places, outhouses, being referred to as weird, having her hair untidy, the scent of dust, passive aggressiveness, sarcastic tone, the mere thought of being kidnapped, seeing bad things happen to Valerie, trusting people she's hated before, seeing blind love
Height 5'02"
Weight 68 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Lurking in the Dark
 Syinara Wyne, better known as just Syi, is the main protagonist of Syi-Fi and all subsequent sequels to it. She is an abrasive, mentally tormented humanoid scarecrow-like being that is considered to be one of the main protagonists of the Zaxinian Lifts, which is due to her important relationships with characters like Valerie Heartgold (her girlfriend) and Mallory (her worst nemesis). She is also one of the main playable characters in General's Journey and officially debuts in that project. In spite of her rather limited amount of roles, she is a popular figure for TimeStrike, having appeared in the mega-sized games Fantendo Sports Resort and Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, being the only TimeStrike character in the former and the first announced in the latter.



The truth behind Syi's past.

General's Journey

Following Hene's abduction, Syi allowed herself to become manipulated and controlled, losing her life to an enchanted farm and becoming its "queen" as a result. After being taken down by Scotch and party, she regained control over herself and decided to join Scotch after hearing that they were attempting to take down Mallory.

Physical Appearance

Syi appears as a somewhat tall woman with arms and legs that are those of sticks, while having a feminine body and head. She has short blue hair that is tightened into a ponytail, and has blue eyes and blue clothing as well, her sticks being a dark red color. Her skin is of a brown color.


Syi was shown as cranky and resentful several times, and sometimes chooses to separate herself from others as she doesn't want to associate her negative traits with them.  Syi is not one to be optimistic and usually squirms her way out of group parties and stuff.  People aren't her kind of thing, she wants to be alone and shelters herself off from the rest of the world because of it.  If something valuable to her is being attacked, she will strike them to death regardless of who they are.  The scarecrow often cries at the thought of Valerie, who she defends and treats like the best person in the world even when it's clear that she really is not.

However, Syi considerably softens around Valerie, whom she clings to and attempts to hug in every instance she can.


Syi is blessed with quite a few abilities.  As a scarecrow, she can scare away birds, able to form terrifying faces just for that occasion.  She has a special relationship with Mother Nature, able to "plug" herself into the ground with vines and nourish the ground, restoring energy to soil and increasing the growth rate of plants while being able to heal and refresh her body in return.  These vines can also be used to whip opponents and strangle them, and can also be used to grab objects from a far distance.  These vines are often seen emerging from her backside.  A simple glare from Syi can cause intimidation or reduce offensive power.

Syi is also hostage to aloe vera, which she can use to heal up wounds or burns and heal any teammates with.  She has often been seen bathing Hene in the substance to maximize her beauty and health.  Her vines can seep out the substance, or she can release it from her mouth.  She's greatly appreciated on teams where she can heal her allies, able to do it quickly and without hesitation.  Unfortunately, Syi's abilities tend to hurt herself, unable to do much if she had been using her powers too many times within an hour or something like that.  If enraged, her abilities tend to get out of control at times as well.



She and Valerie get along very well.  Syi has often considered Valerie the "second greatest soul out there", only behind Hene.  The two often snuggle up and hug up, displaying great affection for one another.  Sometimes Valerie's apparent lust can cause Syi to grant Val the stink eye, but they get along extremely well all things considered.  If someone attacked Valerie, she will also go to killing lengths like with Hene, even though she's aware how easy it is for Valerie to heal herself and even fight back against her opponents.


Initially the two had a very strong bond, but had a strong falling out after Syi put things together in Syi-Fi. It resulted in Hene being brutally stabbed to death following the acknowledgement that Hene tried to dump her in favor of the much richer May.


Syi has shown extremely strong distaste for Mallory over the course of the timeline of the Zaxinian Lifts, following the many wrongdoings that the queen pulled on her since General's Journey. Syi, atop of finding Mallory to be horrible and disgusting in virtually every respect, strongly dislikes the fact that Mallory creates countless clones of Hene in a way to mock and also tease her, and also hates that if she doesn't do what Mallory says, close friends like Valerie get attacked.


Syi really likes Thorn following the events of Fantendo Sports Resort; though they do not come in contact very often, Syi is almost as comfortable around Thorn as she is around Valerie due to being of the few people she personally enjoyed being around in the resort. Thorn seems to have fixated Syi's love for "ass". Their relationship even remains true in more recent times, with them going off on a (small) untold adventure following a... strange meet-up, to say the least.

Trophy Information

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Lurking in the Dark (2015)

A live and functional scarecrow born from Hynau's awful critizens.  With her friends, she always tries to look for a better life, but never manages to find one.  She can attack with her roots or use medic abilities to heal her enemies.  Her entry to the Fantendoverse became possible when a mysterious ally sent her a letter.



  • She was, for a time, infamous throughout Fantendo for ass-touching references in her story of origin, Lurking in the Dark. These jokes were minor, but were well-noticed and were the initial spark for Athena to make things more interconnected within the Zaxinian Lifts.
  • Some of Syi's concepts were  heavily inspired by the song "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica.
    • As she was created in mid-2015, that makes her one of the few characters to bear similarities to a Metallica song before it became a Lifts central drive.  She shares this trait with Ghasja.

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