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I do not understand those who wish to destroy feelings or personal attributes of others. It's not right...




Syi by neon

Current Age 18
Date of Birth October 13th
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Previously Hynau
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'10"
Weight 68 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Lurking in the Dark

Syinara "Syi" Wyne is the main protagonist of the Syi-Fi series, and one of several playable characters in General's Journey.  She is a humanoid scarecrow, cursed to grow the crops of the town known as Hynau before escaping that role and living a life as a runaway.  Despite her relatively short number of roles, she remains a popular character for TimeStrike and has made appearances in Fantendo Sports Resort and Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, being the only TimeStrike character introduced in the former and the first announced for the latter.



Syi-Fi: The Series

General's Journey

Following Hene's abduction, Syi allowed herself to become manipulated and controlled, losing her life to an enchanted farm and becoming its "queen" as a result. After being taken down by Scotch and party, she regained control over herself and decided to join Scotch after hearing that they were attempting to take down Mallory.


Lurking in the Dark

Syi appears as an intelligent scarecrow who was meant to feed the citizens of her hometown, Hynau, before being abducted by a fake goddess of life.  She escaped her however, and descended back to Hynau, and left the area with both a person and a fake goddess being turned into walking scarecrows.

Frozen Up

Syi returns in Frozen Up as the main protagonist once more, this time traveling with formal enemy Hene and new friend May towards a new place to stay.  Things get kind of chilly when a beast known as the Scarecrow Kid starts following Syi sneakily around...

Outside ZL

Fantendo Sports Resort


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


Physical Appearance

Syi appears as a somewhat tall woman with arms and legs that are those of sticks, while having a feminine body and head. She has short blue hair that is tightened into a ponytail, and has blue eyes and blue clothing as well, her sticks being a dark red color. Her skin is of a brown color.


Syi is blessed with quite a few abilities.  As a scarecrow, she can scare away birds, able to form terrifying faces just for that occasion.  She has a special relationship with Mother Nature, able to "plug" herself into the ground with vines and nourish the ground, restoring energy to soil and increasing the growth rate of plants while being able to heal and refresh her body in return.  These vines can also be used to whip opponents and strangle them, and can also be used to grab objects from a far distance.  These vines are often seen emerging from her backside.  A simple glare from Syi can cause intimidation or reduce offensive power.

Syi is also hostage to aloe vera, which she can use to heal up wounds or burns and heal any teammates with.  She has often been seen bathing Hene in the substance to maximize her beauty and health.  Her vines can seep out the substance, or she can release it from her mouth.  She's greatly appreciated on teams where she can heal her allies, able to do it quickly and without hesitation.  Unfortunately, Syi's abilities tend to hurt herself, unable to do much if she had been using her powers too many times within an hour or something like that.  If enraged, her abilities tend to get out of control at times as well.


Initially, Syi was shown as cranky and resentful, and refused to display any signs of happiness as, for her, there was no point in being optimistic with all the things that were going wrong with the world.  Syi tends to shelter herself away from other people, borderline refusing to cooperate with them and wanting to concentrate on her own goals.  If someone valuable to her is being attacked, she will attack them with astounding force and damage them to death.  Her depression is rather severe; death of anyone extremely important to her will make it worse.

She has been shown to be extremely protective of Hene and wants to guard her until the very end.  Her aggressiveness fades away around Hene unless someone makes uncomfortable moves towards her girlfriend, then she becomes aggressive.  If Hene is attacked or handled in disturbing manners, the offender will likely never see the light of day again.  Around Hene, Syi can safely vent out her feelings, which are often anger and sorrow.  It is also around Hene that Syi shows high signs of affection, often obsessing with butts.



Despite complications with their friendship in their early days, Syi had grown very fond of Hene and was always extremely protective of her due to how kind she was.  It would be an absolute mistake to get in Syi's way when it came to Hene; Syi would kill anyone who threatened her or offered to hurt her.  After Hene went missing due to Mallory abducting her, Syi panicked and searched all around for her likeliness.  With Hene, the only person who could fully understand her, missing from the world, Syi has major struggles even trying to live.


Syi and May got along pretty well, although their similar affections for Hene had often put them at odds with each other.  Nevertheless, they have both been fighting alongside each other until the day where Hene went missing, prompting May to suddenly ditch Syi to search for Hene.  This left Syi enraged -- she hopes that she can find May and talk her out of gaining a relationship with Hene as she's fully certain that she's entirely hers for her to keep. Syi has displayed some jealousy for May's "great hair".


She and Valerie get along very well.  Syi has often considered Valerie the "second greatest soul out there", only behind Hene.  The two often snuggle up and hug up, displaying great affection for one another.  Sometimes Valerie's apparent lust can cause Syi to grant Val the stink eye, but they get along extremely well all things considered.  If someone attacked Valerie, she will also go to killing lengths like with Hene, even though she's aware how easy it is for Valerie to heal herself and even fight back against her opponents.

Trophy Information

Image Info

Lurking in the Dark (2015)

A live and functional scarecrow born from Hynau's awful critizens.  With her friends, she always tries to look for a better life, but never manages to find one.  She can attack with her roots or use medic abilities to heal her enemies.  Her entry to the Fantendoverse became possible when a mysterious ally sent her a letter.



  • She is quite infamous throughout the Fantendo community due to the ninth chapter of Lurking in the Dark being somewhat suggestive.
  • Some of Syi's concepts are heavily inspired by the song "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica.
    • As she was created in mid-2015, that makes her one of the few characters to bear similarities to a Metallica song before it became a Lifts motive.  She shares this trait with Ghasja.

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