Syara Renewed
Full Name Syara Eton Lavada
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 5'04"

Syara is a young musician with the power of sound and music. She works ar the Zaxiniart Gallery & Club along with Chroma. She owns the club part of the museum and entertains the people with singing or playing instruments.



Syara is fair-skinned with long brown hair. She dons a headset with a bow attached to it. She mostly wears a sleeveless dress that has a pattern of music measure streaks with notes. Her socks are black and it has patterns of white musical notes. If she becomes mad, her skin will turn pitch black and her eyes will be yellow.


While she’s calm and kind, Syara also has a bad side. If she gets mad, she’ll become the opposite, she’s more aggressive when attacking.


Syara is a prodigy musician and singer. With that, she can use powers related to her talents. For example, she can generate musical instruments for attack and as a backup for her own instruments. Strangely, she can make music notes weapons as well by using them as projectiles via instruments. Syara can also mute things for defensive and personal purposes.

Bad Side (Sour Note)

When mad, she’ll become wild and unpleasant. Every note she’ll play will sound off or sour. The attacks she uses are the same, but stronger.



Chroma is Syara's twin sister. They have a nice bonding, complimenting and admiring each others talent. Syara has tons of repect for Chroma's works, but wishes that she could pick up a pencil and sketch like her.



  • She's based off the Melody Pokémon, Meloetta.
  • Syara has an omnitonic voice, meaning she can use any pitch and tone of her voice.
  • She has astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning. She will often hide behind Chroma when heard.
  • She literally has a bunch of the same dresses in her closet, but each one has a different color.

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