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Sword in the Stone is a Drive story about an assassin who finds herself stranded on a desert planet filled with bandits, and tries to find her way to survive in the barren hellhole.


  • .eXcalibyr - A female assassin.. thing.. who is in an armor that is said to never have been opened, keeping her species a secret. She's rather calm in weird sitations and seems to love death.
  • Delx - A doctor who was left in the land called 'Wazt' by a group of mercanaries, and has survived by giving all the thieves his money ever since. He accompanies eX on her journeys, but is very much of a coward.
  • Five - An old Threat's Top 10 that died thousands of years ago, and lives as an AI program that eX discovers in an old tower, Five is quickly registered as a threat and is discarded by eX, but it seems he isn't fully done with her yet..
  • Teru - A three armed alien woman who wields an electric blade and seems to hold a grudge with eX, though eX has no idea why or who the woman even is.


Issue 1: Walking on Hot Sand

eX reawakkens.

Issue 2: Walking on Molten Metal

eX meets Delx and they both find a map to something.

Issue 3: Walking on the Skyline

eX discovers a tower and finds something quite peculiar in it

Issue 4: ???

more issue names to come idk im lazy

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