Shy Guy (Sword Guy)

The brave Sword Guy! He's not shy at all! (Except for the mask part.)

Sword Guy is the leader of Shy Guys and will do anything to defend his people. He is a brave hero and will always do the right thing.


Sword Guy (as shown on the right) wears a red cloak and a white mask, like all other shy guys. However, he wears white shoes and a red and white backpack. He carries his sword in his backpack, along with a lot of other things, such as gadgets and items. He always carries these gadgets:



He sticks this on his head to become a fly guy! This lets him soar around and see things below.

Snifit Mask

This turns him into a snifit, allowing him to shoot bullets and ice balls and such to attack enemies.

Foldable Stilts

When he unfolds these and climbs on top, he turns into a stilt guy! In this state, he can tower over enemies and look down even upon the biggest of villians.

Bush and Camo Suit

When he puts on the camo suit and wears the bush on his head, he becomes a spy guy! Now he can spy on his enemies without them having even the slightest clue.


He can use this as a long-shot weapon. He will pull this out whenever an enemy is in sight, but the enemy is too far to use a sword, or if the enemy is dangerous to engage in close-ranged combat.

Legendary Sword

He obtained this legendary sword when he was out on one of his adventures. This is his signature weapon, and he will use this in battle most of the time.


He will use this hammer to knock his enemies out, or to build some things on the go.


When he uses this spear, then it shows that he is not only a shy guy, but a spear guy as well. He is very talented with the spear, and can use an ancient move called "Thunder Bolt"


Sword Guy is one of the bravest Shy Guys in history. He is the leader of Shy Guys, and is a good one at that. He is ready for anything that life can throw at him. Although he is very tough, he has a soft side too. he is very kind, generous, and understanding, and he has a soft spot for cute things. In his spare time he will donate to the poor, helping people who need help, hanging out with the lonely, or simply practicing his skills. His favorite food is Mac and Cheese, his favorite desert is any kind of gummy candy, and his favorite colors are red and white.


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