Sword Art Online x Online Game Addicts Sprechchor (Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン x ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール, Hepburn: Sōdo Āto Onrain x Netoge Haijin Shupurehikōru) is an MMORPG game made by SeventhHeaven studios. It will be released on the 12th of May 2017, for the Codename NX, PC, 7Si and the PS4. It is based of the popular anime series Sword Art Online and a new game series which will be debuting soon, named Online Game Addicts Sprechchor, named after the song with the same name by Hatsune Miku. The game is rated PEGI 12 for violent parts.


Part One - Sword Art Online

It is 2022 and the Nervegear has just been released. Many games have been released on it so far, but none as significant as SAO. Upon entering the game, you choose an avatar, with the default avatar being Kirito. You can customize your character in game as long as you are not in battle. If you lose your HP, then, like the anime, you die and lose all your items in your inventory. The game progresses like it does in the anime, with you meeting Klein and discovering the features implemented in the game. As you progress, you begin to start conquering the levels. As you go up the levels you begin to find the hidden towns and cities of Aincrad and the bosses. Along the way you also discover other characters which help you during your time in SAO. On the 25th, 50th and 75th floors you get checkpoints, to confirm you have got to these points, so that the admins know where you are. Without confirming these checkpoints, when you get to floor 100, your must go back down if there was not a confirmed checkpoint.

In the game you meet Zikor, an NPC who says he is from a different game and got implemented here by accident, but he is not entirely sure. Zikor is from the game Online Game Addicts Sprechchor, a similar game, which is on the Nervegear, except you can save on it and quit the game and it is relatively easy to beat. As the game progresses, the character meets more characters from OGAS. On the 100th Floor, after beating the boss there, the character is told that he can leave the game now. Before you leave the game, the OGAS characters approach the character and tell you that one day, the character must visit OGAS. 

Part Two - Online Game Addicts Sprechchor

It has been three months since the character completed Sword Art Online and they are now going to try and defeat Online Game Addicts. Critics say it is easier to beat then Sword Art Online. Upon entering, the character is put in to a futuristic world, at the top of a skyscraper. The objective this time is to get from the top of this skyscraper, to the top of the opposite skyscraper, which involves completing 70 levels. In OGAS, there is no checkpoints, and if you lose your HP, then you will respawn, to the beginning of that series of levels; e.g if you die on level 27 you must go back to level 20 instead of going back to the beginning of the game and instead of losing all your inventory, you only lose the items of which you found during these levels. You will lose HP by not drinking and not eating and in specific conditions; not having the right clothes. Rubies can be collected.

At the bottom of skyscraper, you find Zikor, who runs up to the character and greets you. At the bottom of the skyscrapers is a vast city, scretching for miles around. Unlike in SAO, there is shops to stock up on food, water and clothing. The city is the main hub for other players to meet. As the storyline develops, the character begins to climb skyscraper two, which is the skyscraper where things get more difficult. Shops are very rare and so it makes it harder to keep HP up. On the 56th floor, a glitch occurs which allows players to fall through floors in specific places on the 56th and 57th floor, so forth making it harder to progress. At the penthouse stage, where the final boss takes place, the character can use the rubies the collected to use against the final boss, as it is his only weakness. After defeating the boss, a bridge that appears takes you to the other skyscraper, where the winners board is displayed. After your name is put on the board, your save file is erased with only your name on the winners board a reminder of your times at OGAS.


Sword Art Online

All floors are the same as they are in the anime, with all the characters being the same, as well as all of the enemies, locations and landmarks being the same.

Online Game Addicts Sprechcor

Floor Name Bosses Floor Name Bosses
1 Yoko Yoshi 36 Yamato Yamadas
2 Aki Akita 37 Yo Chi Mei
3 Fumiko Hanako 38 Okami Akemi
4 Yoshiko Chika 39 Kohaku Kotone
5 Naomi Niku 40 Noriko Kagamine
6 Kijimuuna Kanto 41 Momoe Mamota
7 Haruko Juku 42 Rika Rizuki Raito
8 Kiyomi Ko 43 Mizuki Nao
9 Momoko Pamyu 44 Len Riichu
10 Yoshihiro Nakata 45 Yasahiro Umeko
11 Haku Tombasuki 46 Yoro Chubaba
12 Yoshiaki Yato 47 Hatsune Miku
13 Umeko Yamato 48 Tomiichi Tomo
14 Tiro Aisuke 49 Kokoro Manami
15 Yuki Q 50 Toshiro Datsuki
16 Chihiro Tamiko 51 Tetsu Taka
17 Ren Tsuki 52 Sachihiro Haku
18 Kashiyuka  53 Saburo Sachi
19 Osuki Ichiba 54 Chodei Ren
20 Kobe Sapporo  55 Nocchi Chan
21 Raito Yu 56 Kazumi Kyoto
22 Gumi Dempa 57 Hayao Ritu
23 Koji Kosuke 58 Akira Natsumo
24 Eiji Mijazaki 59 Daisuke Chibo
25 Akira-Kai Kitazono 60 Kazuki Kitazono
26 Nexos Ixodono 61 Watanabe Abe
27 Hatsune Okiyo 62 Kasukana Kaori
28 Abe Mimashita 63 Atsuko Oyami
29 Haruna Hachino 64 Izume Satsuki
30 Kim Sung-Eu 65 Satoru Ichitu
31 Oyano Finch 66 Shinzo Kaori
32 Natsume Ricoso 67 Ai Mei
33 Pinky Dempa 68 Takeshi Nakata
34 Yasutaka Kikoki 69 Sky-Forme Satoru Ichitu
35 Princess Icossa of Mondaso Sapporo 70 King Dakisonno of Mondaso Sapporo

Amiibo Support

In SAO x OGAS, there is Amiibo support for the Codename NX and the 7Si, which opens more possibilities in game. On PC and PS4 systems, players can get these features through becoming a member of SeventhHeaven, and inputting the Zenji-code which is sent to you via E-Mail after you pay the membership fee. In the cases of PC and PS4 you can not choose your Amiibo but instead the one you choose will be random and you will get one two every six months, if you pay the membership fee. Most of the Amiibos are cards and the others are figurines of the characters, however, these can be hard to find as not many of them have been made in the past. There is only 4 Amiibo figures: Kirito and Asuna (SAO), Zikor and Okami (OGAS). Meanwhile there is 22 cards; Alice, Sinon, Eugeo, Nobuyuki, Klein, Silica, Yui, Lisabeth, Kirigaya, Kikuoka and Kayaba (SAO) and Yoko, Haruna, Pinky, Icossa, Chiri, Zecon, Ai, Basil, Rosey, Asima and Viktoria (OGAS).

Cards in the SAO part of the game are used to give you HP when you need it most. They will give it to you once every 24 real-world hours. So if you have all 22 cards, you have 22 chances to regain HP in a day. However in the OGAS part of the game, the cards will call upon an assistant to help you complete your game, and you can only use one per battle. You cannot use them in battles 1, 29, 33, 35, and 67 due to those characters already being there and 1, 18, 35, 53 and 70 as these are the important battles.

Amiibo figures in the SAO part will get change you in to that character and you will be invinsible for one floor. You can only use this once though and it can not be on floors 90 to 100. After using the invinsibility option, extra levels are added, which takes the amount up to 120 if you have both amiibos. Meanwhile in OGAS. the amiibos are used for unlockable costumes and you only need one amiibo unlock the third skyscraper, which adds another 35 floors. Once another amiibo has been added, it will add the unlockable beach area.

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