Sword Art Online is a game for the Float Island VirtualRealm that is based off of the world described in the TV show of the same name. It was released on March 12, 2015. It is rated M for extreme violence and possible sexual gameplay.


Because Sword Art Online is a virtual reality game, you control everything by moving just as you would in real life. In the beginning of the game, you create your avatar. The default male avatar and avatar name is Kirito, and the default female avatar and avatar name is Asuna. You can change the name and body features to your liking. If you feel like being a bit random, you can press the RANDOM AVATAR option and a randomizer will create your avatar. Later on in the game, you can collect items, get new clothing, new weapons, and even get married (in game). To keep up with the TV show, if you run out of HP, you lose your items and weapons, and you return to the first floor, where you have to fight your way up again. The most acclaimed feature of the game is sword skills. You can learn and earn sword skills, which are powerful sword attacks. Some skills work better on certain enemies than others, so it's your choice.


The goal of this game is to defeat the 100 bosses on each floors. There are 100 floors, so you have to make your way to the very top to win the game. When you win, you become the boss of the 100 floor, and have to fight everyone who comes to win the game.

Floor Bosses

  • Floor 1: Grunger the Skeleton Swordsman and his Skeleton Viking Guards (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 2: Simon the Colossal Salamander and his Velociraptor Guards (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 3: Despair the Glalie and his Froslass Guards (cameo appearance) (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 4: Grim Reaper V and his Zombie Player Guards (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 5: Crimson the Mangled-Up DemiHuman and his Fandraxonian Guards (Fantendo User cameo appearance) (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 6: Dark Santa and his Dark Elf Guards (Battle Theme: )
  • Floor 7: Brutley the Knife - horned Unicorn and her Dark Horse Guards
  • Floor 8: Nike the Savage Cannibal
  • Floor 9: Blue the Sapphire Demon and her Coal Demon Guards
  • Floor 10: Ultima the Black Tiger and her Jungle Animal Guards
  • Floor 11: Icicle the Dragon and her Ice Warrior Guards
  • Floor 12: Fifa the Eagle and her Hawk Guards
  • Floor 13: Thunder the Humanoid Storm and his Wind Guards
  • Floor 14: Smile the Creepy Axe Murderer and his Skeleton Archer Guards
  • Floor 15: Tsumi the Half-Dead Swordsman (cameo appearance)
  • Floor 16: Giltch the Glitch and his Skeleton Viking Guards
  • Floor 17: Corneas the Mechanical Minotaur and his Mechanical Bull Guards
  • Floor 18: Richard the Corrupted Prince and his Knight Guards
  • Floor 19: Gearsilo the Clockwork Monster and his Clockbot Guards
  • Floor 20: Skull Kid (cameo appearance)
  • Floor 21: Saturn the Alpha Wolf and his Rabid Dog Guards
  • Floor 22: Patrick the Ninja and his Underworld Spirit Guards
  • Floor 23: Zyrius the Undead Serpent
  • Floor 24: Tonight the Dark Human Archer and his Skeleton Machine Gunners
  • Floor 25: Grim Reaper IV and his Zombie Floor Boss Guards
  • Floor 26: Terra the Earth Elementalist and her Rock Monster Guards (Cameo Appearance)
  • Floor 27: Perila the Pterodactyl
  • Floor 28: Fle the Insane Axeman and his Bloody Victim Guards
  • Floor 29: Lynda the Siren
  • Floor 30: Vale the Murderer Outdated Cyborg and his Hallucination Guards
  • Floor 31: Hades the Possessed Dragon Fossil and his Velociraptor Guards
  • Floor 32: Illuminati
  • Floor 33: Tsumi the Half-Dead Swordsman's Revenge (cameo appearance)
  • Floor 34: Red the Pokémon Master and his Pokemon (cameo appearance)
  • Floor 35: Mellow the Marshmallow Monster and the Syrup Traps
  • Floor 36: Viridian the Dual Swordsman
  • Floor 37: Axel the Seducing Spirit and her Flaming Skeleton Guards
  • Floor 38: Peeta the Cheetah
  • Floor 39: Pharo the Dragon and her Baby Dragon Guards
  • Floor 40: Fire Lion (cameo appearance)
  • Floor 41: Taro the Huge Lava Monster
  • Floor 42: Woroa the Broken Animatronic Human
  • Floor 43: Grim Reaper III
  • Floor 44: Dark Santa's Revenge
  • Floor 45: Lady Brunswick the Axe woman
  • Floor 46: Silver the Thief and his Pokémon Guards (cameo appearance)

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