Swirly Smash
The packaging artwork for Swirly Smash.
Developer(s) Monogram Games
Publisher(s) Monogram Games
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Nintendo GameCube

Release Date(s)
September 12, 2004
Single player
Age Rating(s)
  • E - Everyone


  • 3+
Genre(s) Puzzle


Series Swirly Smash
Successor Swirly Smash 2
Media Included Optical disc
Available Input Keyboard


Nintendo GameCube controller

Swirly Smash is a 3D side-scrolling puzzle platform video game developed and published by Monogram Games for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo GameCube. This is the first entry in the Swirly Smash series and the first game by Monogram.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls Stuart, a blue, fluffy Tornadoling, a species that can create winds and typhoons, travel through a maze of puzzles full with crates, fragile brick walls, jelly walls and some smoke-like creatures known as the Smocs. The goal is to guide Stuart to the transportation portal, which will send Stuart to another locations.