Swegmon Fytors is an upcoming Smash styled game produced by DoodleFox (tbc) and Crimson the Fandraxonian (tbc) for the Wii U system. Contrary to the title's name, the game is not a joke game.


Characters (Default)


Image And Name Attacks Description
Mlg roserade avie

MLG Roserade


MLG Roserade is the older brother of MLG Swampert, despite their size and maturity. Despite that, MLG Roserade is always ready to become Roserade The Dank Engine.

Quote: "Damn son, where'd ya find this?"

Mlg swampert avie

MLG Swampert


MLG Swampert is the younger brother of the MLG family, and is (2%) more mature than his older brother. He's snappy, but can be caring...when he impales you.

Quote: "I smoke WEED for breakfast."

Sweg gliscor

Edgy-As-Heck Gliscor


Edgy-As-Heck Gliscor used to be non-cool and wimpy. But now he's a JERK, and everyone loves him! He's blind though, but...he still has his twerking powers...? (Yay?)

Quote: "The Simpsons were originally RABBITS?!"




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