Sweet Invader is a large title for the V² system, starring Valerie in a beat 'em up game with platforming elements. It is meant to be a simple title that would do nothing more than expand Valerie's character and overall importance in the Zaxinian Lifts. It was released in the spring of 2017 by TimeStrike in North America, and then to the rest of the world in the summer.

Sweet Invader was met with a positive critical reception, praising the game for its simple, easy to learn gameplay and homage to the Metroid franchise, as well as its titular character, being described as a "truthfully evil but sexy businesswoman" by IGN.  The game has sold over 1.6 million copies.

Due to its use of mature elements, the game has been rated M by the ESRB, and 16 by the PEGI.  The only thing that saved it from higher ratings was a lack of actual nudity - all references of nudity have either been censored or blacked out.

It was later released by scorpistar⭐ following TimeStrike's move to other works.


Episode I

Valerie wakes up after a "passionate night" and wakes up rather early thanks to her phone, a voice from which tells her that she needs to find three golden keys as part of a mission, and before she can object, she was told that she'd be rewarded beautifully, and the phone was hung up on her.  Thinking on the money, Valerie set out to try and find the golden keys, although she didn't know where they were located...then her phone rang again, and she was told that the keys were located in the local aquarium, and these keys need to be used to open the gates to a temple.  Feeling confident, Valerie set out to recover the keys, starting by going through the trashy streets of her home.

Stage 1: Sewage Streets

After roaming through the streets and defeating a man of trash, Valerie receives a call from the same person from earlier, who now tells her that she has a rival trying to obtain the three keys as well, so she needs to get a move on. In a panic for her money, she rushes forward, pushing through several people's way and killing a few who were unable to be seen by others. Eventually, she finds the aquarium after much searching, and enters it, while a shadowy creature emerges from the ceiling, red eyes visible, and follows her closely, seeing if they can find the keys first too...

Stage 2: Aquarium Assault

Valerie has nabbed the keys and defeated the security bot, who has triggered a light sending the cops to come over. Not wanting to be caught and identified and have her career ruined, she ascends to the rooftops, closely followed by a shadowy being. Noticing this person rather than speeding away from them, she pokes them and a scream is heard. Swinging her light, Valerie identifies the shadow as her apparent ex-boyfriend, Oscade. Angrily, she confronts him on the situation and asks why he's here, but they had no time as the cops were well after them and were a little too close for comfort. They decided to split up and discuss this conversation later.

Stage 3: Radical Rooftops

Failing to be stopped by a wannabe-superhero kid, Valerie makes it to the end of the rooftops and has successfully ran from the police. However Oscade is nowhere to be seen, angering her. Just then, she got a phone call telling her that she did a good job running from the police, but she would need to be punished later for getting the cops' attention. He then tells her to get to the desert just past town and use the keys to open the temple that can be found there. Reluctantly, she nods her head and descends from the rooftops and enters an abandoned car, and drives off to the desert.  Midway, however, she was told that she needed to get tonight's performance done.

She drove back to time and entered the concert, hiding the three keys she just got deep into her pockets, and did the performance of tonight.  Afterwards, she headed over to the desert, going over the limit to try and beat Oscade to the desert, assuming he was going there.

Stage 4: Dusty Desert

Valerie's mission took her to the desert, and upon opening the temple, she had be followed by Oscade once more. After obtaining an oddly shaped item that resembled an hourglass, she was tapped on the shoulder by her rival. Angrily questioning him why he didn't appear at the end of the rooftops, Valerie was obviously furious with him. He said that she shouldn't trust liars, and, thinking in bursts of steam, attacked Oscade head on, who told her she wouldn't go on that way, and simply disappeared in the wind.

Valerie was then called again by her agent, and she told him that she obtained the artifact. She was congratulated for her efforts and he said to now go to the inn and give this artifact to him for a very beautiful award. Quickly recovering from her bad mood, Valerie went outside the temple, locked the doors, and buried the keys in her pocket, and sped off to the inn back inside her home town.

Stage 5: Industrial Inn

Going to the top floor after much "unnecessary trouble", she finally found the inn master. However, he was apparently a cyborg this entire time, and said that she fell for his stupid trap to deceive the lady and prevent her from doing her job to handle the problems around the table. Before she could react, the man attacked her, but he was quickly defeated in combat, and he surrendered, but Valerie (with the input of the player) smashed her foot into his chest, killing him.

Silver enters the top floor and tells Valerie that the entire town is now packed in a casino, and everyone's been acting really odd because of the "new star in town". Angered that her position has been stolen, Valerie jumps out the window, taking Silver with her, and she lands in the hotel's pool of water, making a large splash, getting people wet (and furious). She gets out before they could make out her shape and she heads over for the casino.

Stage 6: Neon Night

The Neon Night was full of people, and each was acting either drunk, stupid, or even both. After Valerie pushed through the dark and odd area, she came across the "Industrial Queen", the new queen of the town, who greeted her with open arms, but Valerie backed away. Unamused, Valerie backed away, and the Queen quickly got upset and told her to hand over the artifact she got earlier, it was necessary for her to give it so she could get her reward. However, this time, Valerie refused, having been talked into doing evil and being manipulated because of her love for money. Valerie attempted to attack her, but the Queen left behind a casino robot for Valerie to defeat.

The Queen watched as Valerie destroyed her machine, and then got really angry when Valerie, for extra effect, smashed her leg into the cockpit, injuring the man inside. She told the impatient old rock star that if she wanted a real fight, she needed to get into her headquarters, and even told her the password, because "she's such a nice person". She then teleported away, and Valerie decided to pursue her - and kill her - and rob her of all her riches, just so she can get everything back to normal and claim her real award.

Stage 7: Eyele Escape

Valerie slowly enters the Eyele base - the name of the Industrial Queen's headquarters - and tries to move past the searchlights without getting spotted easily. It didn't take long before she entered a Mother Brain-esque chamber and found her, guarded, at the end of it. Valerie's rage, held in since the businessman episode, went into a fury and she knocked the glass clean off the Queen's defenses, then easily defeated her in battle.

Doing so, however, triggered alarms, and Valerie defeated each and every person that came her way - and she was confronted by Oscade, who was sent upon to defeat her. Both people were trying to kill each other in the midst of this all, but then decided that it wasn't really worth the trouble as they may never make it out of the place alive. Escaping together (while trying to shove the other back into the mass of confused workmen), they made it out of Eyele just before it went boom and blew up.

Valerie received a new call on her phone, which she quickly responded to. She was told that the police now knew about her misdeeds and were after her, and that she needed to get out of town, and that explosives were everywhere, and that she needed to find a good way to save her town and earn her reputation back. However, she said that she needed to do her nightly performance, and that she needed to do it in an hour, so she was told to get ready. When she asked who was calling, she was told that it was "a complete and total secret", and that that person would block off the police from entering the concert.

She got to her performance on time, and was told that by a bystander, "Elizabeth", that she was going to get paid in a big award after the performance and it was going to be better than money.  She smiled.  She knew what she was talking about.

Episode II

This episode kicks off with a performance from Valerie, and it went pretty well until all of a sudden, the electricity went off. Knowing that she was in trouble in the rest of the city and that bombs were placed everywhere, she thought one was set off and killed off her electricity. She decided to look about and see if anyone messed around with the power sources.

Stage 8: Shattered Show

Valerie couldn't find the culprit on time, but she noticed that outside, there were many flashing lights, and that a giant orange tent stood outside. Interested, she went into the tent and investigated what she was going on, and a look of horror and anger was set on her face. Circus animals were being mistreated, and the circus stole her audience, and presumingly someone was sent her to shut off her own power just for the circus to run. Angry, she infiltrates it, seeking out the Ringmaster to kill him.

Stage 9: Acrobatic Ace

After killing the Ringmaster, the police broke through the barrier and noticed that she killed the Ringmaster, forcing her to go out of town. Running away, she received a call from Silver, who was just a little bit late and told her that people were onto her now, and that she needs to get to the next town so she can do a new performance. Thinking she'd lose the people there, she runs through the Volcanic Valley to lose 'em.

Stage 10: Volcanic Valley

A quick run through the Volcanic Valley took her straight to the next town, where she did a new performance to dazzle the audience, then booked a hotel for the night. Upon arriving there to meet Silver, however, the building was empty and completely devoid of people when she went there. Fearing the worst, she decided to call Silver, but her phone wasn't able to call, the signal apparently being at the top of the building. Panicking, Valerie goes up.

Stage 11: Empty Ediface

After going to the top of the building, she found a helicopter, with Silver tied to its ropes. Shocked, she tried to free him from the mess, but guess who's face pops out of the helicopter? To Valerie's shock, it's the Industrial Queen. Again. Angrily, she doesn't even give the Queen a chance to speak and punches her left breast, and then pulls her hand back once she realizes the Queen is made out of metal, and winces out of pain. Laughing, the Queen goes up in her helicopter and tells Valerie that she'll pay for that punch mark, and carries Silver upward by the rope, hurting his neck...

Valerie knew what she must do. She jumps down the side of the building - like she did in the Industrial Inn - and gets into someone's car and goes through a highway, looking at the helicopter in the sky, trying to see if she can properly follow it. Turning on the ignition, she speeds over the limit, chasing this son of a...yeah.

Stage 12: Hellfire Highway

After bursting through the fiery highway, she stops her car at an icedome, watching the helicopter pull into it. She goes into the stadium, and then notices the heavy amount of people there, and words of "EXECUTION" being shouted all around the place. Horrified, Valerie punches through the gate man and goes into the building, going up into the crowd's bleachers, looking for Silver...

Stage 13: Isolated Icedome

She was eventually spotted by the Industrial Queen, who noticed that she was getting very close to Silver, and pointed her to go onto the ice rink and face her queen, Glacia, and the two were pitted against each other, and the Queen said that she'll release Silver if Glacia is defeated, and if she isn't, she'll tear off his groin in public. Valerie looks down at Glacia, and begins fighting her.

After a rather easy fight, the Queen is disgusted and releases Silver, and tells Valerie that her headquarters are below the dome, and that her next plans will be there...if she so desires to come. She disappears, and Valerie follows her, driven by her determination...but when she looks behind her, Silver is missing again!

Stage 14: Molten Metropolis

Heading into the Molten Metropolis, which turned out to be an ugly underworld that is a flaming city, she found the Industrial Queen, with Silver tied around her neck, apparently "giving her what she wants". Angrily, she tells the Queen to release Silver, and to end her empire, as she will certainly rule every bit of the world, or she will rip off her metallic tiddles. Laughing, the Queen throws off Silver and wipes "sweat" off her face, and tells Valerie that she would need to do a lot better - and fight - to bring back her fame.

From above, the world was watching this climatic battle.

Eventually, the Industrial Queen was defeated once more, with Valerie stepping on her face to drive her into the ground for good. Being cheered for her heroic deeds, Valerie was recognized as a national hero, and Valerie was very happy - and placed a tax on everyone as a result. She came out of the underworld and went back into the Icedome, and preformed another song, this time, with Silver's help.

Later, she was called by a new person, who told her that the Industrial Queen was yet another distraction, and that the source of the problem was found: Microsoft.

Episode III

Valerie was having one of those rare occasions that had her knowing that she had no idea what to do. She paced around her room, wondering how she can get at Microsoft for almost destroying her business. Her fame was back, she was now acknowledged as a hero...but she still needed to get at Microsoft for what they did, and she just felt that feeling in her gut. Through her mind flashed images of "destroy, kill, leave nothing behind", and she felt it all for whoever owned Microsoft. She wanted to lash at them, rip out their guts...

Then she received a call from a new agent. With an upbeat voice, this agent announced themselves as "Killjoy", told Valerie that she was following her the entire time through satellite, and has been for a decade, and told her that she knew where Microsoft's base was. Valerie was hesitant to listen, but Killjoy continued, saying that the base - known only as Onix Ojine - could be unlocked with the Four Glittering Gems, and that she knew where each was. She was told to go to the badlands to the north, the Ruby can be found there. Valerie had many questions, but her communication was lost...

Confused, Valerie got into her car, and thinking for the better and how she could obliterate Microsoft, she set off to the Badlands, displaying her terrible driving skills. As she does so, she speeds past a road sign, displaying "Welcome to Hell mode".

Stage 15: Blasted Badlands

After slashing her way through the badlands and laying her hands on the Glittering Ruby, she called up the person who talked to her earlier, who told Valerie to keep going - a labyrinth with a Glittering Sapphire was just ahead. Valerie, thinking this too convenient, told her that was too convenient, but she laughed and told Valerie just to trust her. She went forward, and actually did find herself at a labyrinth as promised, and stepped inside it.

Stage 16: Lost Labyrinth

The Labyrinth was definitely far from a difficult puzzle, and Valerie held onto the Glittering Sapphire, stunned at how fast it took to get half the gems, and Killjoy congratulated her, telling her to press on forward to the oil ocean, and being doubtful again, Valerie made a remark on that. But Killjoy, again, laughed, and told her that Microsoft can't be opened without her advice, and told her to just trust her instincts. Valerie, again, hesitated, but went forward again, and found herself at the Oil Ocean.

She was then told that she needed to set up a concert, her time was again tonight.  Panicking, Valerie prepared herself and went into the nearby concert, where she had to sing to a bunch of aliens.  After a good performance, the aliens congratulated her and told her where exactly the Glittering Topaz was, just in case she wanted to become rich.  Upon coming near the first dock, she was suddenly attacked by...oil snakes.

Stage 17: Oil Ocean

The Ocean was no more than a breeze, and Valerie got the Glittering Topaz. Amused by her success, she was about to call Killjoy when the latter called first, and congratulated Valerie for getting the topaz, and told her that in the woods ahead, there was the final of these gems. Valerie then could not resist it anymore - and asked why these places were all in a row. Lowly whispering, Killjoy said that it was for "plot convenience" and that she put those there. Angrily, Valerie asked why they weren't just handed to her, and Killjoy told her that she wanted to test her skills. Before Valerie could question anymore, her battery died.

Valerie went to the woods ahead, and found Oscade sitting by a tree near the entrance, and he told her that she expected her to appear there. Angered that he appeared in front of her again, she told him that she will fight him if he gets in her way now, and that she was wild in violence - she had a deal to make out of Microsoft. Both, though, were forced to go in the jungle when they heard sirens. Sighing, Valerie asked what Oscade did now, and she looked down at his hand. Oscade was holding a bag of stolen money.

Stage 18: Wicked Woods

Narrowly escaping from the policemen and hardly managing to slay a giant serpent, Valerie and Oscade panted loudly and sat next to a large tree. Both were about to kill each other when Valerie found a Glittering Emerald atop a tree branch, and she used Oscade as a footstool to jump up and grab onto the branch. As she did so, her cloak became slightly undone, and Oscade laughed at this. Not exactly happy, Valerie spit on Oscade and laughed at him, pointing a hand at him, and the gem fell out of the tree after Valerie messed around enough on the branch. She caught the Gem. The four were hers!

Oscade questioned why she had the gems, and she said that they were for her own reasons, and escaped the area, leaving Oscade in confusion. Getting back into her car, she drove into a different direction, trying to find the gates to Microsoft. Knowing her phone died, she couldn't call Killjoy or even Silver for help, she had to get back to town and get a recharge.

Heading back into the city, Valerie sat at home and had her phone recharged, and she stripped down for bed when a knocking on her door happened. Not even caring to put the majority of her clothes back on, she answered the door in her bra and panties. Standing in front of her was a scarecrow with wild black hair streaming down her sides, her shoulders and legs looking finely waxed. She told Valerie that her name was Killjoy and that she knew where the gate was, and said she tried to call her - but now being distracted, she complimented Valerie's knockers, and this woman couldn't help but crack a smile.

Killjoy told Valerie to get in her car and get to the gate, providing directions. Valerie laughed slightly to herself. Time to show how people like her get their shows on the road.

Stage 19: Jade Jets

Valerie arrived at the gates on time, but watched in horror as she was too late - Microsoft's headquarters was launched into the air by several thousand balloons, totally not ripping off Pixar's "UP", and the building went off into the air! However, they left behind many jets, which were starting to rev up. Not wasting any time, Valerie used the gems to open the gate, as they were apparently the keys to opening it, and went to one of the jets and kicked and beat the absolute tar out of the driver, and took the jet for herself, launching herself into the skies.

Valerie crash landed her jet into the Onix Ojine, the apparent name of Microsoft's headquarters, and was greeted by a round of applause by Microsoft's staff. Stepping forward was none other than a mangled and demented Bill Gates, who greeted her softly, telling her that everything was under control. Angry, she smacks him in the face, and gives him a really, really tired glaze, preparing to shoot his head off. He teleports himself away and tells Valerie that if she wants him, she'll have to find him, and told her good luck at finding him. With that said, all lights went off.

Stage 20: Onix Ojine

Excellently making it through the Onix Ojine, she came across Bill Gates, who clapped for her performance, telling her "well done" before opening up a giant ballroom, with bloody businessmen and women hung all over the walls. Snarling, Gates told her that this is where every employee that tried to get revenge on him went to...and that she was next in line! Knowing this may as well be the final battle and the chance for revenge, Valerie prepared herself. This will be a concert...and a battle.

Stage 21: Bill's Ballad

It was over. Bill Gates' time was over. As his body rolled on the ground, he squinted in pain to Valerie, and told her not to kill him, he needed to continue getting rich. Valerie, being somewhat forgiving, told him that she would forgive him if he gave every ounce of gold to her. After he refused, Valerie stepped on his head, and stamped him into the ground. Not once, but three times. Upon the Industrial Queen's name being mentioned again, she angrily stepped through his heart, and stabbed him, again and again, blood spilling everywhere, rolling down the sides of Gates' obviously dead body. When she was about finished, she smashed her foot into Gates' groin.

After Bill Gates' defeat, Valerie ordered Silver on her phone to get all the money out of the Onix Ojine and to bring it home, and that they now own Microsoft. Laughing evilly, Valerie rubbed her hands in glee as she imagined all that money now being in her possession. After manically laughing a final time in this chapter, she returned home, and sat back in her leather chair, stupidly smiling to herself, watching television when her door opened. There she was, Killjoy. She congratulated Valerie and jumped on her out of happiness, telling her how good of a job she did. Then you heard clothing tear apart as the screen went black.

Episode Sardine

In this bonus episode, Valerie is told that Bill Gates is up at it again, using a new ghost body, and now he holds the world's largest supply of sardines. Laughing at how she could just destroy him again, Valerie asks where it is. She is told that it is in hell, and she needs to get through that to get to him. She is promised many things - including bunches and bunches of sardines and hot people. Thinking this suitable, Valerie went outside and sought out the way to Hell, and jumped through.

Stage 22: Soundless Sierra

After jumping around the Soundless Sierra and aimlessly going about, Valerie was still searching for Bill Gates. Coming up from behind her was Oscade, who told her that she was going nowhere. When Valerie looked up, Oscade was definitely a vampire. Knowing this battle was unavoidable, she prepared to fight him on the Endless Earth's surface.

Stage 23: Endless Earth

Upon making it through the Endless Earth and slaying her ex-boyfriend, Valerie found the Xenocracy, where Bill Gates' new form was located. Bill Gates smiled, and tried not to speak for some reason, and prepared his ghostly body to fight Valerie. However, noticing that Silver followed Valerie through this, he took over Silver's body, and turned the brother against Valerie for one, twisted final battle.

Stage 24: Xanthic Xenocracy

After failing to stop Valerie, Bill Gates went outside Silver's body, injured, and Valerie told Silver to suck the beast into the center of the Earth, where he can never come out. Happily obliging, Bill Gates was finally sealed away from the planet. But before he fully disappeared, one could hear his computer generated voice. He promised revenge. Valerie and Silver high fived, and they left the Hell, dragging with them many, many sardines, held up by Silver's psychic abilities.

The End

Killjoy, meanwhile, is trying to friend Valerie on Facebook.



The normal story mode of the game.  A short story which has the player going through Valerie's levels in order, except for times where she needs to go back and get certain items to get through certain levels.  The player can set the story on Easy (difficulty is halved), Normal, Hard (difficulty is doubled), or Master (difficulty is increased by 4x).

Time Trails

The player can select any level they please and do the level's objective, or any of the extra four the game gives you that you can do for fun.  The objective is to get the best time in these levels.  The difficulty is Normal by default, but by completing a mission, you can set it to Easy or Hard afterwards.

Quality Time

A mode unlocked upon beating the game on Normal Difficulty.  Allows you to quickly set up an avatar, and then you can discuss stuff with Valerie, like her objectives, her gives you a chance to get to know her very well.  You can slide money into a jar and imagine you know what with her.

Boss Attack

Upon beating every Extra mission on Normal, you unlock the Boss Attack mode.  Makes you go through each Boss, including the Final boss, all in a row.  Contains a few new bosses along the way.

Operation Sardine

The extra story mode of the game.  Contains only three new levels, but these levels are much harder to do and require the player to be really, really careful.  Valerie loses all her old equipment, so she has to find it again in the game's levels.  This mode is unlocked upon completing Invasion on Hard.

Mode a la Silver

Not really a mode, but switches the main character to Silver, and edits the story slightly to fit Silver.  However, Silver's edit of the storyline is not canon.  Valerie becomes the player 2 when player 2 is called for.


All Out Missions

As the opening paragraph states, Sweet Invader is a platformer and beat 'em up title. Valerie goes around two dimensional stages, beating up weak enemies using her ninja skills, and utilizing her skills to explore the levels, which are styled as if they were in a Metroidvania game. The goal for Valerie in each level is set up to be uniquely different from the last, but each requires that Valerie makes it to the goal under the given circumstances.

Each level is in a Metroidvania style: maze like with items hidden all over the map.  Players are required to utilize Valerie's skills to get around and find new items, this is necessary for certain areas of the game as some areas cannot be reached or opened without these new items.  At the end of each level is a strong and powerful boss that must be defeated before moving onward.

Valerie has a stunning amount of abilities that can be used in the game.  Among Valerie's default abilities are tossing sticky bombs, wall jumping, and karate kicks.  Later in the game, she can do double jumps, use ninja stars, and even charge up her running and be able to smash through weak walls (like Samus' Speed Booster).  Also from the start of the game, she has her signature weapon; the Malevolence Bow, which fires fatal bows at enemies from afar.  As the game progresses, that Bow becomes modified to help her fight other enemies.  Valerie can also flash her bra and panties and mostly bare body to stun enemies.

As players progress in Sweet Invader, they gain new abilities or items, enhancing Valerie's moveset and gameplay styles. These new abilities can also be used in old worlds to explore new areas and perhaps find even more items. Valerie also becomes increasingly strong, leveling up at points in the game when she has earned the required number of experience points to get to the next level. Then, the player can choose to boost any two of Valerie's stats by one point (Offense, Defense, Speed, Bounce, Stamina).

At first, players find that Valerie cannot be fast for long and she requires moments of charging up her energy, which makes for plenty of inconvenient moments for the player. This is because she had just gotten out of bed when the game's events started and she only had a few hours of sleep. By spending points on Stamina, players find that Valerie will require less time to rest than usual, and by the time Stamina reaches its max amount of points (10), players find that Valerie will no longer require charging up and will always be able to move. Additionally, her idle stance becomes more active looking and she looks as if she were ready to fight.

Stealth Missions

Alongide All Out missions, there are Stealth missions.  In these, Valerie still has most of her abilities, although has entirely different weapons to work with.  Her goals in stealth missions are to get to the end of the level without getting detected by enemies, and destroy anything that threatens her stealth. So, in reality, you don't really get to beat up on enemies.

The levels that stealth missions are part of are no longer in a Metroidvania format, but are more straight forward, and play closer to Mario levels if anything. These goals require that Valerie uses her abilities to the fullest to avoid the enemies and avoid getting detected overall, and poison anyone that gets in her way.

Despite the more linear format, players can still find items hanging around, although they will often not be in the player's sight, as they would have to actually hunt for them. Most of the items hanging around are optional to get, but they're usually pretty powerful items that require a lot of effort to get.

Like with All Out missions, it's possible that Valerie will require moments to recover from a lack of sleep, which can make for fatal situations if the player is not careful. However, if her Stamina level is at the max of 10, the player will no longer need to worry about the Stamina problem, as she will not go into a state of helplessness.


In certain segments of the story, Valerie needs to act on stage and preform a musical preformance to keep her most important job.  The player will, during the course of the story, do at least six different preformances, which they need to have Valerie dance to the beat of the song that's being played.  As the game progresses, the songs heighten in difficulty.  The player can make Valerie dance outside the game's plot in the game's Dance mode, which provides at least thirty six songs to dance to.

To play, the player needs to go up to the stage as Valerie and press the buttons the game tells them to press so that Valerie moves in order to the music.  It's actually quite simple and is meant to be a break in comparison to the normal gameplay, although some of the later challenges are really challenging.

Health System

Valerie is very durable and is able to take a lot of hits before passing out.  However, the player should still be very careful during gameplay, as it is easy to take lots of damage fast and end Valerie's mission too soon.  For every two levels Valerie gains, she gets an extra health bar, and keeps getting more until she reaches level 19, where she has the max of ten health bars.  Starting from level 10, she will slowly begin auto healing.

Silver Assistance

In the select menu, one can summon Silver to battle.  Silver can only be called if a second controller is connected to the V² system.  A second player can take control of Silver and use his psychic abilities to help Valerie fight enemies, and assist her in just about every way possible.  However, he can trigger things that Valerie can, like search lights, so the Silver player needs to be very careful in gameplay too.  If he is too far away, he'll return to Valerie, similar in a way to how Helpers return to Kirby in Kirby Super Star when they go off screen.


  • Directional Buttons: Left and right move Valerie around, up and down allow her to look above and below her, respectively.
  • Left Thumbstick: Same function as Directional Buttons.
  • Right Thumbstick: Allows her to see her level progress when Left is pressed, her health and lives when Right is pressed, her current settings with Up, and the map of the level with Down.
  • Red Button: Enables Valerie to jump. When the ability is gotten, she can press it again to Double Jump. She can press it once more when near an enemy to do the Rocket Pummel, if she has the ability.
  • Green Button: Holding this enables Valerie to run. When she's running for a long enough period of time, she will activate the speed booster.
  • Blue Button: The normal attack button. Consists of normal punches, kicks, other fighting moves, the types of moves used depends on what direction Valerie is facing, her position on the ground or in the air, and the directional button pressed.
  • Purple Button: Allows Valerie to do a special move. By default, it is the Karate Kick. She can switch special moves in the action menu.
  • Left Shoulder Button: Enables Valerie to switch special moves.
  • Right Shoulder Button: Holding this enables Valerie to lock on bullet related attacks to enemies.
  • Left Inner Trigger: Pauses the game and allows a player to look at a detailed map of the level.
  • Right Inner Trigger: Pauses the game and allows the player to take a detailed look at Valerie, and test out certain functions before using them in her levels.
  • Left Bottom Trigger: Activates Valerie's shield. Shield works like it were in Smash Bros.
  • Right Bottom Trigger: Activates a huge pulse of energy, heavily increasing Valerie's power, but it takes up three health bars.
  • Start: Pauses the game.
  • Select: Pauses the game, but shows a screen with Valerie's current objective and details about the level she is in.


Valerie Heartgold

Valerie is several things in one; a Head of the Zaxinian Lifts government, a psycho, a serial killer, and more famously, a song artist. None of these compare to her incredible skills as an effective security breacher, she gets around the zero-access places rather quickly and utilizes her abilities to get to the tightest spots of the government owned places. She is a very flirty person but she never hesitates to put that behind her if her objectives are either to kill or get more money.

Silver Heartgold

Silver is the edgelord brother of Valerie, and is a dark sorcerer and prince of a neighboring kingdom. He supports Valerie during her travels, often doing secondary tasks for her so she can focus on her primaries. He may be negative deep down, but he's actually got quite the heart of gold, you just need to pick the lock on it.


Oscade is a vampire and an old love interest of Valerie's before the two broke up due to conflicts on their political views. He, however, is just as interested in money as Valerie is, and wishes to get rich and famous as well as she is. As such, he poses a huge threat for Valerie and needs to be beaten to his goals.

Industrial Queen

Industrial Queen is a robotic queen that was made to distract Valerie from her duties so that Bill Gates could take over the bit of city that she controls. She antagonizes Valerie slightly at first, then becomes very aggressive once she realizes how tough an opponent Valerie really is. Later, she gets destroyed in her second battle...

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the main antagonist of Sweet Invader. Not spoiling anything else here, Bill Gates is just here because...why not?


Episode I

Sewage Streets

Sewage Streets is the very first level for Valerie.  It's a long series of mostly straight forward paths filled with garbage you need to step over until you reach the midway point, which has you going through the sewage of the town.  In the sewage area, you need to avoid falling into the raging green river of trash.  In both areas, you need to face humans - both normal and those affected by the trash filled sewers - and battle them head on.  This is an All Out mission.

  • Mission: Defeat 80% of the humans in the sewers.
  • Extra 1: Recover a Diamond from the sewage.
  • Extra 2: A member from the Fantendoverse is waiting on you.  Find her.
  • Extra 3: Engage Shredder in combat.
  • Extra 4: The sewage has a time bomb.  Escape the Sewage Streets before the time limit expires.

Aquarium Assault

Aquarium Assault is the second level for Valerie, and is a stealth based level.  It's rather maze like and spotlights are rather aggressive, attempting to seek out intruders.  This may seem like a difficulty spike, but there are many shortcuts and crannies in the aquarium, allowing her to take shortcuts.  There are rarely enemies to face, but you may need to take out a few of the humans that get in your way.  Some rooms set up traps for you for you to fight aggressive fish.

  • Mission: Recover three golden keys and avoid the search lights.
  • Extra 1: Locate and destroy ten searchlight sources.
  • Extra 2: Kill twenty human beings.
  • Extra 3: Locate and steal the Golden Turtle, and escape the Aquarium with it.
  • Extra 4: Face off with Crymsia at the exit.

Radical Rooftops

Radical Rooftops is the third level for Valerie, and the second All Out one.  This level is a lot more maze like in structure, thanks to the varied levels of the rooftops you run across, and many powerups are hidden in the walls of the rooftops.  There are plenty of blockades to come across, forcing you to either break through them or find shortcuts around them.  Many military soldiers can be found here as well as large birds that will try to take you head on.

  • Mission: Find the million dollar in order to move on.
  • Extra 1: The Rooftops' main path has been destroyed.  Find a way around it.
  • Extra 2: Face off in battle with General Scotch.
  • Extra 3: Destroy the government's blimp.
  • Extra 4: The Rooftops have fallen apart.  Seek through the rubble for a long lost pal.

Dusty Desert

Dusty Desert is the fourth level for Valerie, and is the third All Out one.  The level's name is actually a bit misleading, as it actually takes place in a temple that is in a desert.  The temple (and desert locations you travel through) are very maze like, and you need to get to the bottom of it all - literally.  The enemies here include mutated humans that have features of scorpions, snakes, vultures, and other dangerous creatures.  Beware being in the sun's heat, as it can damage your body bit by bit.

  • Mission: Get to the bottom of the temple and recover an unexplained artifact.
  • Extra 1: Break all the targets.
  • Extra 2: Go to the center of the temple and recover a precious ruby.
  • Extra 3: Defeat all the enemies hanging around the temple.
  • Extra 4: Engage in combat with Skorp.

Industrial Inn

Industrial Inn is the fifth level for Valerie, and is the second Stealth one.  Rather than the search lights featured in the Aquarium Assault, there are many guards around the Inn who will try to seek you out and kill you on sight.  The key here is to be very careful and reach the other side of the Inn, using the stairs and occasionally elevators to get around.  Some parts of the inn are very damaged and can be broken, although Valerie still needs to be careful to prevent getting the guards' attention.

  • Mission: Sneak past the guards and reach the inn's other side.
  • Extra 1: Collect twenty casino chips hanging around.
  • Extra 2: Engage combat with Pierce Hazel.
  • Extra 3: Get to the very top of the inn and collect a sapphire.
  • Extra 4: Sneak past the guards once more, but on a time limit.

Neon Night

Neon Night is the sixth level for Valerie and is the third Stealth one.  It is a huge casino with many flashing lights as well as guards and search lights, making for a very tough level.  The level plays a bit like an All Out one as it's 100% okay to fight enemies here, you'll find it necessary to kill enemies to move on to new rooms.  Neon Night has a very straightforward structure, but it looks very much like a maze.  Just stay on the main path and you'll be okay, but you'll need to get off it at times to avoid being spotted.

  • Mission: Find the underground base's entrance in this vast casino.
  • Extra 1: Kill all the level's guards and destroy all search light sources.
  • Extra 2: Enter the main casino area and win over $100,000 before the guards catch you.
  • Extra 3: Sneak through the casino under a time limit.
  • Extra 4: Fight Syi at the casino's climax.

Eyele Escape

Eyele Escape is the seventh level for Valerie and the final level of Episode I.  Eyele Escape takes place in an underground base, known as Eyele obviously, and is both an All Out and Stealth level.  It starts out like a Stealth level, and requires the player move carefully to get around the place's defenses, then fight and kill the Industrial Queen.  Doing so activates the security systems, and requires the player go into an All Out style and fight off the enemies and get the heck out of there before the recently formed time limit bomb expires.

  • Mission: Defeat the Industrial Queen then hightail it out of there!
  • Extra 1: Go back into what remains of Eyele and collect twenty casino chips.
  • Extra 2: Engage Endal the monkey in battle.
  • Extra 3: Eyele has been reformed.  Head into the new base and find a way to denotate it.
  • Extra 4: Eyele has been destroyed again.  Blow up what remains.  All of it.

Episode II

Shattered Show

Shattered Show is the very first level of the second episode, and is the fourth full on All Out level.  It has Valerie investigating her show, which lost its power immediately after the performance, and checking to see who turned out the lights.  People are still nutty over what the Industrial Queen did to them, so they will attack Valerie upon sight.  Certain parts of the building are later shown to be on fire.  Extreme caution is advised...

  • Mission: Investigate the burning building.  Find who turned off the power.
  • Extra 1: Save ten of the people burning in the mass of the building's rubble.
  • Extra 2: Locate $30,000's worth in the burning building.
  • Extra 3: Put out the fires of the building.
  • Extra 4: Confront and kill the person who turned off the power (General Snickers).

Acrobatic Ace

Acrobatic Ace is the second level of episode II, and is the fourth full on Stealth level.  Valerie, having her show be interrupted by a new circus, investigates the circus to see what could possibly be better there than at her own concert.  However, she must sneak around and be careful not to be sniffed by the suffering circus animals there.  Poor circus animals.  You also want to free them, just to attack the circus for attacking your business.

  • Mission: Investigate the circus for the ringmaster, and kill him.
  • Extra 1: From a safe distance, kill ten people.  It should be part of the act.
  • Extra 2: Disguised as a circus actor, preform twenty tricks.
  • Extra 3: Free the trapped animals.  Set them upon their masters.
  • Extra 4: Confront Half-Face Rome.

Volcanic Valley

Volcanic Valley is the third level of episode II, and returns to the All Out format.  Valerie must rush through the valley after her actions of killing the ringmaster have caught people's attention, and she has fled the city in pursue of another city to go to, her money having been moved there in advance at the beginning of the story in case something went wrong.  Volcanic Valley has many rocks falling from the sky, crushing Valerie shall she get too close for comfort.  Humans and giant lizards will try and attack Valerie.

  • Mission: Escape the city and run safely through the Volcanic Valley.
  • Extra 1: Rescue Silver from a volcano that's about to explode.
  • Extra 2: Seek $50,000 dollars.  They're scattered everywhere from the people who tried to chase you.
  • Extra 3: Confront Bowie at the end of the valley.
  • Extra 4: Make it through the valley once more, but on a time limit.

Empty Edifice

Entering the new city, Valerie is shocked to find that the hotel she's booked for the night is empty.  This new Stealth level requires Valerie to be on her toes, and avoid making any noise in the hotel - or at least only do it if it's absolutely necessary.  She must make it to the top floor and gain a connection signal to call Silver and call him to see what's next.  Through the building, there are hardly many hazards, but there are a ton of cameras and spotlights which will activate harmful laser systems, so be aware.

  • Mission: Make it to the top of the building, and call Silver.  Learn of your next objective.
  • Extra 1: Confront and defeat Fandro.
  • Extra 2: Seek out five robbers hiding in the hotel, and kill them.
  • Extra 3: Obtain $2000 from the hotel.  A lot of people are dumb with money.
  • Extra 4: Blow up the hotel.  For fun!

Hellfire Highway

Hellfire Highway is another All Out level, and you ain't in a car.  You're traveling along a burning highway that's filled with cars crashing everywhere.  That volcano that you trespassed earlier blew up and caused a lot of trouble...but your concert tonight, so you need to get a move on and just typically ignore the disasters going on here.  At the end, you can increase taxes on people who need extra supplies, because you're a fkn witch and you know it.

  • Mission: Reach the end of the highway without failure.
  • Extra 1: Get inside a car and slaughter thirty people.  No regrets.
  • Extra 2: Face off Ethan in the midst of all this.
  • Extra 3: Go through the fire and flames and help out people in trouble.  Be sure to tax them.
  • Extra 4: Denotate the highway.  You'll get paid for your fireworks display.

Isolated Icedome

Isolated Icedome is a Stealth level and is the last of Episode II.  You need to go around the Icedome, carefully, and seek out Silver, for he has been kidnapped not too long ago.  You'll find yourself slipping at a lot of points, but you need to keep yourself hoisted upward!  Failure is not an option.  Many people in the dome are pretty much excited by everything, so don't let them catch your attention.  You need to seek Silver in the midst of everyone.

  • Mission: Seek out Silver.
  • Extra 1: Kill fifty people in the stadium.
  • Extra 2: Get out on the skating rink and perform tricks.  Show off that groovy body!
  • Extra 3: Have a frozen face-off with Crimson.
  • Extra 4: Blow up this popsicle stand!  Kill everybody.

Molten Metropolis

Molten Metropolis is the final level of Episode II, and is an All Out mission.  It's a burning city, totally not ripping off Crisis City from Sonic '06, and you need to save Silver.  He's caught up in this mess, and you need to shut down whatever evil is going on now.  ...I mean, you wouldn't actually want to save him, but maybe you want to earn some of that heroism and become acknowledged as a super cool person again, right?  Great.  Now get in there and pull Silver out of that rubble and face an old enemy...

  • Mission: Reengage and destroy the Industrial Queen Mk. II, and rescue Silver.
  • Extra 1: Recover twenty gems.
  • Extra 2: Break the targets hanging around the Metropolis.
  • Extra 3: Blow up ten buildings.
  • Extra 4: Have a brutal face off with Fandraxono.

Episode III

Blasted Badlands

Blasted Badlands is the very first stage of Episode III, the penultimate episode. It is a Stealth mission - the Badlands are heavily guarded and you need to get to the center of the guarded area, and steal a Glittering Ruby. There are reasons why, but they have not been explained to you. Avoid the living dead and skeleton weirdos.

  • Mission: Recover the Glittering Ruby.  Kill anyone in your path.
  • Extra 1: Kill everyone.  No survivors.
  • Extra 2: Face off with Syi.  She now attacks alongside Hene.
  • Extra 3: Scout the Badlands and destroy the targets.
  • Extra 4: Complete the magma puzzles.

Lost Labyrinth

Lost Labyrinth is an All Out mission...but it is very maze like and not very easy to get around.  You'll find yourself trapped in a lot of places, and you need to find your way out of those puzzles like Samus Aran would in a place like Brinstar or Norfair.  You need to recover the Glittering Sapphire for reasons unknown.  Avoid the searchlights here - you may be beating up marine fish and mutated humans, but the people here are armed.

  • Mission: Recover the Glittering Sapphire.  Avoid the searchlights.
  • Extra 1: Kill fifty humans.
  • Extra 2: Bring down the security latch and explore the upper areas for a huge wad of bucks.
  • Extra 3: Face off Bowie and Ashe, the dynamic duo.
  • Extra 4: Annihilate the civilized area of the labyrinth.

Oil Ocean

Oil Ocean is a Stealth mission and is very straight forward. You just need to go through the oily streets and avoid being seen by the workers that work around these areas. The Oil Ocean is a result of people forming a lot of waste on the surface and dumping it into an actual ocean. ...Therefore, the Oil Ocean is a dirty and disgusting place. You need to recover the Glittering Topaz, again, for reasons unknown.

  • Mission: Recover the Glittering Topaz.  Stop people from dumping into the ocean.
  • Extra 1: Defeat Ginger in combat.
  • Extra 2: Kill eighty humans.
  • Extra 3: Stop all the sources from dumping into the lake.
  • Extra 4: Turn the place into a resort.

Wicked Woods

Wicked Woods is an All Out mission and requires you be on your very guard, as lizards from everywhere will try and attack you.  Land squids, snakes, and other coily creatures will try and snatch you too.  And for all the wrong reasons, so avoid them!  You need to recover the Glittering Emerald, it is the last of the unexplained items and you need it to do whatever Silver needs you to do now.

  • Mission: Recover the Gltitering Emerald.  Kill off ten squids.
  • Extra 1: Kill sixty humans.
  • Extra 2: Break all the targets in the woods.
  • Extra 3: Face off with Remembra.
  • Extra 4: There is only one squid left.  Take it home.

Jade Jets

Jade Jets is a Stealth mission and, using the Glittering Gems you collected from the previous missions, you are able to get into one of the jets.  Your objective becomes clear: You are to confront Bill Gates and take over Microsoft.  Ho boy.  You'll be riding insie a jet for a bit of the level, shooting fellow jets, but you'll be eventually shot down, and you'll need to escape it and start riding on other jets.  You need to utilize each jet to make it to the end of the level.

  • Mission: Using the jet planes, make it to the end of the ride and make it to the Onix Ojine.
  • Extra 1: Using the jet from the beginning, kill off twenty other jets.
  • Extra 2: Speed through the stage in less than three minutes.
  • Extra 3: Seek out the cockpit holding a diamond and steal it.
  • Extra 4: Engage in combat with the Industrial Queen Mk. III's airship.

Onix Ojine

Onix Ojine is a city and is where the Zaxinian Lifts' version of Bill Gates resides, in his comfy Microsoft home.  Well, it's time to lay your weapons of mass destruction, because in this All Out level, you'll be crashing quite the party!  Bill Gates, having been behind the Industrial Queen madness both times, tells you to surrender and to hand over all your money, but you are going to fight him off.  And steal his business.  And pay him back for all he's done to you to frustrate you.

  • Mission: Engage combat with Bill Gates and destroy his headquarters.
  • Extra 1: Annihilate the Microsoft library.
  • Extra 2: Lay your weapons of mass destruction and blow up the major parts of the building.
  • Extra 3: Face off with all previous rivals.
  • Extra 4: Face off with the robotic version of Bill Gates.

Bill's Ballad

Bill's Ballad is the final level of Episode III!  It's time to face off with Bill Gates - that's the only real objective of this level - and show him what you're made out of!  Businessman versus businesswoman!  Violence!  Action!  Bloodshed!

  • Mission: Finish off Bill Gates and take over his industry.

Episode Sardine

Soundless Sierra

Unidentified surface and location. Helpful advice missing. Path goes diagonally upward, rest is unknown.

  • Mission: Trek up the mountain and seek out what remains of Bill Gates' plans.

Endless Earth

Unidentified surface and location. Helpful advice missing. Path is maze like and looping, rest is unknown.

  • Mission: Explore the Earth and search for the Xenocracy.

Xanthic Xenocracy

Unidentified surface and location. Helpful advice missing. A place for a possibly epic final battle. Rest is unknown.

  • Mission: Flip the middle finger to Bill Gates' last plan and put it out of its misery.

Songs Performed in Concerts

In the Story

  • Go Away, by Weezer (Difficulty: 1)
  • Funhouse, by P!nk (Difficulty: 2)
  • You, Me And Steve, by Garfunkel and Oates (Difficulty: 4)
  • Bring Me to Life, by Evanescence (Difficulty: 6)
  • American Idiot, by Green Day (Difficulty: 8)
  • Lady Marmalade, by Labelle (Difficulty: 10)



Sweet Invader grants Valerie a ton of abilities to use, and as she progresses in the game, she gets even more to use.  These abilities are either used to overpower enemies, get around more in the stages, or even help out on her defense.

  • AERIAL SNAP: A late game ability for Valerie.  Snaps her feet together in the air to catch airborne opponents.
  • BLASTER GRAPPLE: A mid game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to grab onto unstable ceilings and swing from them to reach new places.  Explodes on contact with enemies.
  • DOUBLE JUMP: An early game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to make a second jump in the air.
  • FLARE STOMP: A mid game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to stomp into the ground and create a wave of fire pushing enemies back.
  • FLIGHT WINGS: A late game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to fly around and reach really high areas.
  • GROUND PACK: An early game ability for Valerie.  Increases her jump weight, making her less floaty (which is a good thing) and gives a small quake whenever she hits the ground, toppling over foes.
  • HEART GUN: An early game ability for Valerie.  Fires quick bullets that dazzle enemies upon contact.  Requires ammo to refill.
  • HYDRO BREATHER: A hidden game ability for Valerie.  Enables her to breathe underwater without the risk of drowning.
  • KARATE KICK: A default ability for Valerie.  She sends her leg flying to smash her foot into a foe.  This is her first "finisher" move.
  • LOVE SPIN: An early game ability for Valerie.  She can spin around in place and fire a spiral of pink wind, pushing away and damaging opponents.
  • NEEDLE STORM: An early game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to fire a storm of needles to pierce through foes.  Think of it as the Wave beam.
  • NINJA STARS: A mid game ability for Valerie.  A reliable projectile tool that allows her to kill foes from afar.
  • PIERCER BLADE: A late game ability for Valerie.  A powerful projectile tool that slices through enemies quickly and easily.
  • ROCKET PUMMEL: An early game ability for Valerie.  Allows her to latch onto opponents and beat them up, and jump off of them to continue wreaking havoc.
  • SPEED BOOTS: A mid game ability for Valerie.  Enables her to run fast and break through walls.
  • SPIN BALL: A mid game ability for Valerie.  Enables her to roll into a ball across the ground and smash through enemies harmlessly.
  • STICKY BOMBS: A default ability for Valerie.  She is able to throw these at enemies to paralyze them, leaving her to finish them off with physical attacks.
  • THUNDER ROTATOR: A late game ability for Valerie.  Turns her into a spinning ball of shocker death when she jumps.  Similar to the Screw Attack.
  • VENOM BEAM: A mid game ability for Valerie.  Melts the hide of steel enemies, and burns through metal walls.
  • WALL JUMPING: A default ability for Valerie.  When she hits a wall and the jump button is pressed, she jumps off in the opposite direction, using the wall to propel herself upwards.


  • ARMOR PIECE ~ Increase Valerie's Defense by 1 Point. There are 20 of these containers in general, and each boosts the amount of armor by 1.
  • ARROWS ~ Increase Valerie's ammo for her Malevolence Bow. There are 100 arrows in total for Valerie to pick up.
  • FIERY ARROW ~ Addons for Valerie's Malevolence Bow.  There are 40 of these in total.
  • HEART BULLETS ~ Increase Valerie's ammo for her Heart Gun. There are 40 of these containers in general, and each boosts the amount of ammo by 5.
  • RESERVE CONTAINERS ~ Extra health bars for Valerie. Activates when her normal health supply is out and done for. There are six of these in total.
  • WATER BOMBS ~ Throwable bombs that don't do damage, they just do watery effects.  Works on surprisingly a lot of enemies, including the boss Magmus.


Main Story bosses

Episode I

  • Trash Man: Trash Man ain't a robot master or really any of that stuff, but he still lives up to his name: A man made out of trash.  He'll launch toxins and missiles at you, which you need to avoid or deflect.  He'll go around his arena and fire blocks of garbage at you when some of his other attacks miss.  If they miss, they'll hit the arena's side and stay there.  You can use the trash block as a platform to jump up and hit his face, attempting to topple him over.  Once he takes eight hits to his face, he will fall down and fall apart.
  • Aerial Guard: Aerial Guard looks like a bird, but it's pretty huge and it's made out of metal.  It'll swoop down and try and spin into Valerie, and she has to avoid the attack or take a nasty amount of damage.  If it misses, that's Valerie's chance to strike the enemy's butt and make it take damage.  When it's not ramming, it's firing missiles or particle beam cannons.  Hitting its butt six times kills it.
  • Sonic Youth: Sonic Youth is a young lad who is a determined crime fighter, but is really just one of those "wannabe Supermans".  He moves around at the speed of light and attacks with his long blade, which must be deflected.  If one is wondering on how to damage the Sonic Youth, you need to hit his direct body.  This is very difficult to do thanks to his overwhelming speed and defensive tactics.  Fortunately, it only takes three hits to end him.
  • Spiritual Mummy: The Spiritual Mummy is a ghost mummy roaming around the room, shooting lasers at Valerie, which kill her on contact, but they need to be deflected and fired back at the mummy using the mirrors in the stage, as that's the only way you can kill it.  It can also drop small bombs to try and hinder your chances at avoiding its lasers.  It needs to be hit by its own lasers five times to be defeated.
  • Inn Master: Inn Master looks like your average businessman, but he is so much more than that.  In fact, he's a research weapon with the personality of a spoiled child.  The Inn Master fires missiles out of his mouth as well as bombs, and scratches with his "metal talons".  Possessing a tail, he can try and swing it at Valerie to trip her and leave her open to attacks.  The Inn Master takes fifty hits to defeat, but the player can hit him any time, so it's not much longer than the other fights.
  • Slot Combat Robot: Slot Combat Robot, at first, should remind you of Big Foot or Hot Shot from Sonic Adventure 2, due to the highly resemblant structure it has to those two robots.  This robot flies around the stage, firing its machine gun, and uses slot machines to determine how it wants to try and end Valerie.  You need to hit the machine so that its weapons fire too early and hit itself.  Once it takes enough damage, it'll fall down, enabling you to hit its cockpit and end the fight.
  • Industrial Queen: The Industrial Queen is the final boss of Episode I, and hides herself at the end of a mechanical complex.  After passing several turrets and guards, you're face to face with her, and you need to destroy the defenses around her while she's just sitting there, adjusting her looks or putting on make up.  Once you break her container and hit her, she'll get mad and start attacking you with her long sword and bullets from her mouth, and powerful smashes from her robotic thighs.  Once you lay down 20 hits on her, she'll go down in defeat.

Episode II

  • Matcher: The Matcher is the first boss of Episode II, and is a man that's mixed with a lighter.  He'll ignite the top of his head, then send an explosive of flames for Valerie to dodge. You can't hit the Matcher, he'll just do the process again. He'll keep doing this until he's almost down to killing himself, where his barrier is all the way down, so you can kick him in the nuts and call it a day. 
  • The Ringmaster: The Ringmaster is the next boss, and he's kind of a magician, levitating around the arena. He'll toss elephants and other circus animals at you, and you have to use them as platforms to actually hit him. After three hits he goes down, but he'll try pretty hard to stay out of your hitting range. On his last bit of health, he'll become much faster - good luck!
  • Magmiss: A lady made out of magma, she'll slither around the stage and try to pummel her with her long distance fists. If she touches you, you'll die, as your defenses aren't magical, so stay away from her. What you need to do is to run away from her, dodging her spits of flames, and hide in a pool of water. She won't go into it, forcing her to go away.
  • Oscade: Oscade was your ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't really care that he used to be that. He'll fly around the stage using his wings, then try to swoop down and latch onto your neck. If you avoid him, he'll go back into the air, and try shooting you with his gun. Failure or success, he'll repeat these processes, and occasionally launch a meteor from above at you. He takes ten hits to defeat.
  • Berserk Truck: Like with Magmiss, you can't precisely defeat the Berserk Truck, but you have to run away. This time though, there is not much place to run, so you'll have to get over the truck and try and get into the cockpit and kill the man inside. Once you get inside the truck's back to get there, there are high defense systems to try and keep you out, so be careful. Avoid those and you can kill the man.
  • Glacia: Glacia is a skating rival, but is aggressive. She'll try to ram into you and make you slip out onto the ground, and then pummel you into the ice for an instant death. What you need to do is shove her over and step on her. You don't have much time to do it, so do it quickly. After you do this process six times, she is defeated. In story mode, you have a timer to defeat her, so watch out!
  • Industrial Queen II: The final boss of Episode II, the Industrial Queen once again hides herself behind a mechanical complex. Break your way through these much more maze like security measures and you'll come face to face with her again. This time, she ain't hiding behind glass, and will hold two swords, having guns on her shoulders, and prepare to smash her thighs into you again. Unlike the last battle you had with her, she can also fire laser beams and slash with very long talons. After 30 hits, this queen falls again.

Episode III

  • King Bones: King Bones is the very first boss of Episode III, and he's tough as bones.  King Bones keeps his distance and tosses his bones in arcs, trying to fake you out at times with how high or low he throws those bones.  King Bones takes twenty hits to defeat, but you need to smash his skull in general, not the rest of the body.  He can also toss swords at you once he gets tired of throwing bones.
  • Ancient Puzzle: The Ancient Puzzle is not a normal boss.  It's seven sliding pieces in a five-by-five grid, and one of these pieces contains a man in a cockpit, the other six are lava.  Avoid the lava tiles and hit the man.  As his only way of attacking you is by ramming the lava tiles at you, that's the only strategy you really have to look out for.
  • Oil Man: No, not the Robot Master, but a man literally made out of oil.  Oil Man bounces around the stage, firing spurts of oil at you, and you need to deflect this oil so that it goes on the floor, having Oil Man slip on it.  You'll need to set him on fire with your Flare Stomp, damaging him.  Once this process is done seven more times, Oil Man goes down for good and explodes.
  • Earth Serpent: The Earth Serpent is the midway boss of Sweet Invader, and he coils around the giant log you and him are on, the log that's going down the need to wait patiently for his head to pop up, then attack it, but it isn't easy at he'll try to strangle you with its tail or spit venoms at you.  He'll also smash his head against the log when he starts taking damage to lower the amount of room you have to fight it.  Takes five hits to defeat.
  • Gold Jet: The Gold Jet is a rather easy boss for how late it is in the game to fight it, but the difference is that you need to defeat it in thirty seconds.  Shoot at it very quickly, after fifty bullets, it goes down.  You need to be constantly following it in your jet though so your attacks don't miss.  Remember, limited ammo!
  • Gates' Machine: Gates' Machine is a giant gun robot that's eerily similar to the Slot Machine robot you fought back at the Neon Night, but it has no slot machine - it's just all out combat, using a turret to fire bullets at you, has missiles to take you down, and has a huge particle beam cannon to try and obliterate you. To hit this boss, you need to wait for it to set its feet on the ground, then smash through its cockpit.  You need to do so eight times.
  • Bill Gates: Bill Gates is the final boss of Episode III, breaking out of an "Industrial Queen" costume before fighting you.  He fires very powerful missiles out of his mouth, uses physical strength to chop down your health, and transforms his hands into guns to try and finish you off.  He can also chuck off his robotic head and toss it at you like a boomerang - but you need to kick this head back at the machine, damaging it, as you can't damage it otherwise.  On lower health amounts, he'll go into the air and start firing frenzies of lasers around the room, then drop down and return to his normal strategy.  He requires twenty hits with his head to defeat.

Episode Sardine

  • Sierra Shredder: The Sierrra Shredder is a giant octopus robot, only that its tentacles have huge blades at the end of them, ready to slice you apart.  It's a very difficult boss that requires you to perfectly dodge its blades, then strike at the head.  However, it'll try and defend its head very often, and try and spit oil at you to make you very slippery.  Thirty slashes to the head will do the trick, but you need to find openings to actually lay in even a few hits.
  • Oscade II: Oscade returns to finish you off, now that you're alone and without help.  He fights like before, but now spits out waves of steaming blood to try and burn you, and fires waves of bombs.  He'll also try to ram into you when he's on the ground.  He requires sixteen hits to defeat, but don't fear if he looks too tough!  You can reflect his bombs back at him if you can't physically harm him.  You need to still be aware of the fact that he can bite you though...he'll drain your health faster this time.
  • Bill Gates' Finale: Bill Gates now attacks you as a ghost.  He'll take over your friend, Silver, and force you to fight him.  Dear lord.  Silver has a huge array of attacks he hardly uses when you're around, so be careful of what he can do!  He can use physical attacks to chop your health down severely, use psychic powers to toss you back when you get too close, dash into a ball around the stage and try to smash into you, or absorb you into a black hole and kill you instantly.  It's not nice to hit your friends, but Silver has sixty health points.  How do you hit him?  Fire bullets.  Destroy Silver's own missiles to get ammo.

Extra Mission bosses

  • Shredder: Shredder is a tutorial extra mission boss, and displays how hard they fight by using his metal claws to try and quickly drain Valerie's health.  He can go down really fast, if you're fast.  Takes twelve hits to defeat.
  • Crymsia: Crymsia is the second extra mission boss you can fight in the game, and she is a pretty basic boss, attacking with her sword and countering attacks when necessary.  It's like fencing, but fun.  She takes eight hits to defeat.
  • Scotch: Scotch is a challenging boss, using his massive array of bombs and explosives to ruin your strategy.  He plays a defensive position, never getting close on purpose, tossing out wave after wave of bombs, then getting close only to try and slash you with his Umbra Blade.  You need to hit his head six times to defeat him, but it's not easy as he'll try and smartly defend his fragile face.
  • Skorp: Skorp is a scorpion-human mutant and attacks with his toxic tail, always trying to get close to you to sting you to death.  You need to avoid him and try and break off his tail by firing at it, or physically attack it.  Once the tail breaks off, Skorp's backside will reveal and you need to hit it to damage him.  However, he will become very angry and do whatever it takes to end you at that moment.  After his back is broken, he'll fall down and bleed, leaving you to slay him.
  • Pierce: Piece Hazel is a psychic user who uses his energy to trap opponents and slam them into the walls to brutally murder them.  Now you...are his target.  You need to avoid being close to you, or he'll take you and forcibly slam you into a wall.  Firing at him is useful, but he'll trap your first few projectiles and try and hit you with them, so be careful.  If you need to physically hit him, you need to exhaust him by forcing him to carry heavier things.  He takes five hits to defeat physically, twenty five with ammo.
  • Syi: Syi is a powerful scarecrow who will definitely scare you with her immensely powerful defensive strategies, fighting from a reasonable distance.  She'll fire vines out of the ground and try and strangle you, or trip you.  She can also use aloe vera to heal herself.  However, she is not completely foolproof and you can fire anything at her as she cannot stop weapons when you are her target.  After sixteen hits, Syi falls.
  • Endal: Endal is an incredibly powerful psychic user; he fights like Pierce, but he is tougher and cannot be exhausted.  In fact, you need to run away from him and fire away at him as he comes after you, only hitting him when he is holding something with his powers.  You will find ammo to refill yourself with as you run away.  He takes 100 hits to defeat.
  • Snickers: Snickers is a very powerful person, even stronger than Scotch - but he's actually more clumsy.  He'll toss out bombs just like his younger brother, but he'll aggressively roll into you and attack with pillars of fire and salt.  You need to hit him eight times to defeat him, and even then, he'll try and defend himself - just like Scotch.
  • Half-Face Rome: Half-Face Rome is a powerful user of puppetry who takes off her face, replacing it with another, using them as masks.  Half-Face Rome uses cannons and lasers to attack her opponents, and tries to slice them down with her powerful talons.  She flies above the player and needs to be shot out of the air with whatever the player's got.  Takes ten hits before going down.
  • Bowie: Bowie is a rock user who tosses boulders and rocks at his enemies in a hurry to defeat them.  He's very weak, only taking three hits before going down, but he's insanely fast and moves quickly enough to outpace anyone else in the game, meaning that if you're going to hit Bowie, you need to be extremely accurate.
  • Fandro: Fandro is an angry green blob with wings that is flying around the stage, dropping "F" bombs to stun Valerie, and attacks with a variety of different guns.  Takes six physical hits to defeat overall, he'll absorb bullets and use them for his own guns.  Beware.
  • Ethan: Ethan is a burly powerhouse who requires fifty hits to defeat, and he's VERY strong.  However, he's slow, so he can be easy to defeat if you keep your distance from him.  If you keep your distance from him, he'll tear apart the ground and try to throw it at be careful of what you do!
  • Crimson: Crimson is a strong nature warrior like Crymsia, but he is much more dangerous and uses counters to take care of his opponents.  His sword creates beam projectiles and he takes sixteen hits to defeat.  How about that?  Show this warrior thing what you're made of.
  • Fandraxono: Fandraxono is a god on Zaxina, and is a lyre player.  Separated temporarily from home, Fandraxono fires dark magic to try and disarm you, and tries to fling himself at you.  You cannot defeat him, only he can defeat himself - therefore, you need to make his magic hit him.
  • Syi and Hene: Syi and Hene are both tough challengers, Syi returning to whip your butt.  Both attack with vine attacks - Hene uses them to defend Syi while Syi tries to attack you head on.  They can both hurt you, really quickly, but both take sixteen hits to defeat and by this point you have a lot of ammo, more than likely, so it shouldn't be too big a problem.
  • Bowie and Ashe: Bowie and Ashe are a powerful duo who try to roll each other into you and topple you over, then run you over together.  Bowie takes six hits to defeat, but Ashe requires one hundred and forty four...good luck taking down Ashe's overall health!
  • Ginger: Ginger is a powerful user who is even more powerful than Fandraxono, and attacks with incredible weapons of mass destruction, and fires many explosive projectiles and attacks you brutally with her physical attacks.  She takes 5 hits to defeat, but she will defend herself so much of the time you will rarely have a chance to attack her.  Make every hit count!
  • Remembra: Remembra is a Goddess of Memory, and is corrupted by whatever Bill Gates did to her.  She attacks with her lyre and general stuff, including every move she had from her old game, Removed.  Be careful to not step too close to her, as she will drain you of memory and potentially make you lose a life.  She requires ten hits to defeat.
  • Industrial Queen III: Industrial Queen III is an incredible machine that's built off the old Industrial Queen II model.  She attacks with an incredible array of projectiles and tries to kill you with everything she has.  You're in a jet, and you have many cool rockets, so use them against this piece of garbage and kill her once and for all.
  • Robo Bill: A weak boss that's actually like the Waddle Dee dude from Kirby Super Star.  ...One hit to defeat.  Fires simple lasers.


Sweet Invader was met with very positive reviews from the media.  It was praised for its simple controls, easy to learn gameplay, good length, replay value, and for its catchy and Jet Set Radio-inspired soundtrack, and for its main character; Valerie.  It was considered by a few critics to be a good spin off of the Metroid series, noting on how well some of its elements fit into the game.  However, Sweet Invader's plot wasn't very well received, being noted that it works, but it's very weak, and often prevented the game from getting higher scores.



  • Sr.Wario (tbc) inspired the creator, .snickedge, to make the game.
  • Exotoro (tbc) has inspired a few sequences of the story, specifically from The Girl and The Robot Part 2, one of her amazing stories. As a result, Exotoro is listed in the credits.
  • Sweet Invader's song used in commercials was "Bad" by Michael Jackson.  Later songs used remixes of Bad.

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