Sweet Heaven is the seventh world in New Super Mario Bros. X-treme. It is sky themed. The boss is Ludwig. This world resembles Sweet Sweet Canyon in MK8.

7-1: Beanstalk Canyon

A mountain level with a beanstalk that advances to the clouds.

7-2: Fuzzy Mushrooms

A sky level with Fuzzys and moving mushrooms

7-3: Manta Raid

Another sky level with Mantas and Bullet Bills

7-Ghost: Vanishing Mansion

A ghost level with disappearing blocks

7-Fortress: Lakithunder's Hurricane Fortress

A stormy level with lighting and Banzai Bills

7-4: Parabeetle Parade

A sky level with Parabeetles.

7-5: Smelly Factory

A factory level with nuclear clouds and Mechakoopas.

7-6: Snake Block Sunset

The last sky level. It is on a green snake blocks and Foos, and Sledge Bros.

7-Castle: Ludwig's Cloudy Castle

The last Koopaling castle. It has Spike Pillars and Amps. The boss is Ludwig.



He acts just like in NSMB. But he makes a electric ray after 2 hits.

Ludwig Von Koopa

The first phase is he flies in a Lakitu cloud shooting lighting and chucking Bob-ombs. The second phase is him shooting homing fireballs, ground pounds, and make lighting bolts.

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