Swap Flower is a power-up for the upcoming fanon game Super Mario Galaxy 9.

This powerup is no longer being associated with SMG9. Feel free to use it if you want.


A Swap Flower looks ike a Fire Flower but with a black inner ring and a white outer ring. It also has a blue left leaf and an orange right leaf. Swap Mario has a black cap and shirt with white overalls. He also has a blue light around his left hand amd an orange one around his right. The overall buttons also correspond with the hands. When Mario swaps, the color scheme will reverse.


Mario will gain an ability for every enemy that he swaps with. To swap, hover your cursor over an enemy and hit the select button that corresponds with the device.

Goomba: For 10 seconds, Mario will hurt any enemy he touches without taking damage

Green Koopa: Mario will run as fast as Dash Yoshi until he hits an enemy, taking no damage in the process

Red Koopa: Same as Green Koopa, but will run towards the nearest enemy

Green Parakoopa: For 7 seconds, Mario will fly and be invulnerable to damage by enemies

Red Parakoopa: Same as Green Parakoopa, but will go 2.5x faster

Paragoomba: Mario will jump extremely high and then ground-pound

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