Swanky Kong
Swanky Kong's first appearance
Swanky Kong is a Kong. His favorite thing to do is host minigames. He hosts two shows. One called Swanky's Sideshow where players compete against other players in games. His other show is called Swanky's Dash where players 15 and older try to collect as many stars as they can without touching spikes before time runs out.

Fanon Appearances

Swanky Kong makes an appearance in DragonSoft's Donkey Kong 17: Collect the Banana Stars as a playable character.

Other Appearances

The Stories of New Tendo City

Swanky Kong makes his television debut in The Stories of New Tendo City. In the series, Swanky Kong is the only member of the Kong Family that isn't involved with the family buisness of DK Pass Ski Resort. Instead, Swanky is the host of several game shows that air on television in New Tendo City. Swanky is also potrayed as Donkey Kong's younger brother in the series. He is often seen in colorful designer suits.