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Makes powerful earthquakes as Swampert!
Tag splash

PTWC Swampert
SSB Pokémon Series
Availability Starter (Custom Fighter, one of the three Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon)
Series Pokémon
First Appearance Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire versions
Home Stage Pokémon Stadium 2
Final Smash 1 Triple Finish (with Raichu and Hawlucha)
Final Smash 2 Aqua Slam (Solo Final Smash)
Great Fray Mega Swampert

Swampert is one of the Pokémon Trainers' three playable Pokémon and one of the ten Custom Fighters. Swampert is strong, resistant and versatile heavy-weight that can quickly rack up damage while being able to take many damage, although he is also slow and cannot jump high without the use of the Flip-Jump.

Battle Summary

Swampert is one of the three playable Pokémon, along with Raichu and Hawlucha. Swampert is the heavyweight that can rack up damage quickly with his strong standard attacks and Special Moves combined, and have a surprisingly effective recovery moves that include the Up-B called Waterfall that, while risky as he dive down after performing it, cannot be stopped by aerial attacks and weak standard attacks, and the Side-B Ocean Bash, while straight and cannot be canceled, is one of his most powerful moves and can break any shield except for Perfect Shields.

He also have Hydro Pump as his Neutral B and Earthquake as his Down-B, and both are more powerful than Ocean Bash when used right, but also more difficult to correctly landing a full hit. They also have an endlag which leave Swampert vulnerable to incoming attacks and punishments shall the two moves are spammed too well.


  • Being a heavy-weight, Swampert is benefited by the ability of Combo-Stopper and Stout Strength.
  • Swampert can hit quick and hard with his standard attacks, and his Smash Attacks have high launching power.
  • Swampert have insane recovery as when used right, it not only help Swampert to get back quickly, but also damage anyone who attempt to do a meteor attack.
  • The Ocean Bash is very powerful, but as even if it damage Swampert back, it damage the victim who is unlucky to get caught by the Ocean Bash attack. While a bit slower then Charizard's buffed Flare Blitz, Swampert's Ocean Bash cannot be stopped by attacks weaker than this, including Wario's Shoulder Bash.
  • Swampert's Special Moves in general, while a bit difficult to aim and hit, can pull out dangerous amount of damage when used at the strictly right time. His Hydro Pump is arguably the most damaging, as while it take longer than Squirtle's Water Gun and Mario's F.L.U.D.D., it have longer range can actually do a lot of damage, and the last blow have a medium-high launching power, but also if he misses it, Swampert will become vulnerable during the attack.
  • Earthquake have larger range than Donkey Kong's Hand Slap and while only make one slam at a time, it can both heavily damage and trip the victim and can be used in the air as a ground-pounding move.


  • He is slow and cannot jump very high without the use of Flip-Jump, and can be easily caught by faster character without the correct use of Earthquake.
  • Swampert's throws are not exactly strong except of his Down-Throw, so the player could only use it when the opponent is constantly shielding or in case of the Down-Throw, use it at a really damaged opponent.
  • Even if Ocean Bash is powerful and almost unstoppable, spamming it will actually only damage Swampert more than his opponent, and he is not invincible, which means that he can be turned around by the likes of Mario's Cape or simply hit by a more powerful move such as Bowser's fully charged Forward Smash.

Easy Targets

The following characters are who can be easily defeated by Swampert players in competitive scene. This does not means that the presented character have a 100% chance to defeat any of the characters below but does means that it have a notable advantage against them.

Character Explanation
Meta-Form While Meta-Form can change his forme, none of his own formes is too effective against Swampert. The Water- and Ground-type Pokémon can easily make a lot of damage if he hit Meta-Form's hitspot where his core is, and the shapeshifting robot will get around 80% in one shot of a fully charged Hydro Pump if used right.
Daisy While fast and hard hitting, none of her attacks can easily stop Swampert's Ocean Bash, so use it when she is desperatly charging a Smash Attack or other strong moves, but when used by very skilled players she can be unpredictable and occasionally, Swampert himself will be in trouble instead.
Little Mac Even if Little Mac is a high-risk-high-reward and his recovery moves got a lot of better, Swampert is still technically stronger in term of Smash Attacks and can make an easy K.O. for the poor Mac. However, Little Mac can easily make a surprise K.O. Uppercut if Swampert get too careless.
Mr. Game & Watch Being a light-weight, Mr. Game & Watch is easily vulnerable to Swampert's strong attacks, and must rely on luck (via Judge's Nine) or mindgame to easily take down the superstrong mudskipper Pokémon.
Mega Man Even if Mega Man can alway take his distance, and that his fully charged Mega Buster can actually stop Swampert's Ocean Bash, he will have a lot of trouble with taking hand-to-hand with Swampert himself as the latter one's attacks are surprisingly fast.
King Dedede King Dedede is strong, fast and heavy-weight but Swampert is technically stronger and have better recovery moves, and even if King Dedede can perform good air attacks, Swampert can stick to the ground and if the former one haven't enough time to make a fully charge Jet Hammer to counter Swampert's Ocean Bash, he is all screwed.


Take notice that it is not because they are counters that they will have a 100% chance to win against the presented character, but are proven very efficient to deal with that character.

Character Explanation
Samus The buffed Samus can deal with Swampert better than before, to the point of being a reasonable counter. Her fully charged Charge Shot can easily beat Swampert's dangerous Ocean Bash and can easily out-pace it.
Sylux Sylux have less troubles to deal with Swampert thanks to his versatile attacks. His Shock Coil can easily damage Swampert quickly and his Lockjaw form can out-pace it. The only real worry is that Sylux must avoid Swampert's Earthquake attack, both in humanoid and Lockjaw forms.
Cloud Even if Cloud is less efficient than before, he can still surprise the heavy-weight Water/Ground fighter with his Finishing Touch or other Limit-Boosted Special Moves. His other attacks also work well against Swampert but without the Limit boost, almost none of them can easily stop Swampert's Ocean Bash and eventually other moves.
Hawlucha From the same Trainer, Hawlucha is one that can actually handle Swampert very well. His high jump, high speed and his charge-able Sky Attack, his strongest Special, can easily stop Swampert's Ocean Bash at its strongest. The Water/Ground fighter himself will have hard time to catch the luchador-like Pokémon.
Tyranitar In the Pokémon games, Swampert have a general advantage against Tyranitar does to the type advantages. In here, its the other way, as Tyranitar is heavier and more resistant than Swampert, and also have Snarl that can flinch those even Special Moves with Super Armor, but is notably slower and jump lower than Swampert.
Magolor Despite being light-weighted, Magolor is quick and stiff, allowing him to out-run Swampert's dangerous attacks with ease. His Shadow Spheres can also rack up damage against Swampert, but that being said, Swampert can strike back with his stronger moves.

Special Moves

The following are the Special Moves available for this fighter. As with every fighters, this fighter have two Special Sets that can be mix-and-matched, but only the main set can be used. Unlike other Smash games, all Custom Moves are instead modified moves by Custom Orbs.

Main Set (Official)

Move Name Explanation
Hydro Pump (Neutral) Unlike Greninja & Squirtle's Hydro Pump, Swampert use it more as an offensive attack. He charge it up to three seconds. A non-charged Hydro Pump can only deal a single shot but a fully charged one can shoot five spray of water. Each deals 6%, up to 30% if done right, and the last shot have a medium-high knockback.
Ocean Bash (Side) The Water physical move from Mighty and Nasty version. While slower than Charizard's Flare Blitz, Swampert's Ocean Bash is almost unstoppable and can only be countered by stronger moves. Also useful as a recovery move.
Waterfall (Up) Swampert lift up in the air and then dive down like the effect of a waterfall. While strong, it also execute real fast and uncautionous use of this will result Swampert to self-destruct. However, it also damage those who got hit by Swampert's Waterfall and this move is quite wide, preventing spike and edgeguarding.
Earthquake (Down) Swampert slam the ground with his arms to make an earthquake. While slow, it can do heavy damage and trip foes on the ground level but no effect on those who are in the air. However, Swampert can use this in the air as a ground-pounding move and damage those in the air to slam them down to the ground.

Alternate Set

Move Name Explanation
Mud Bomb (Neutral) Swampert unleash a bomb made of mud. He launch it in a low arc and damage anyone caught in the explosion. The Mud Bomb explode when making contact with anything, including other attacks. The explosion radius and damage depended on how long the player charge this attack, but that player cannot move during the charge.
Muddy Water (Side) Swampert slide through the floor or air by using Muddy Water. He can turn around during the move, and have considerably longer total range of recovery than Ocean Bash but is much less damaging. It must be manually stopped by pressing B again or until around five seconds, or else it will even slip of the edge!
Hammer Arm (Up) Swampert make a leap (an extra leap if in the air) and, if the enemy is close enough, attempt to slam it to bury it, or if in the air smack it to the ground or abyss as a meteor attack. A successful hit allow Swampert to use it again, but a failure, or if it didn't even reach any foe, will leave him helpless.
Counter (Down) Unlike other Special Moves of the same name, Swampert's Counter works differently; instead of dodging an attack and counter it, he will take the damage but then counter it twice the damage and launching power. However, a projectile can disarm it and Swampert will lose balance and fall of, which delay him for a second.

Super Smashes

Move Name Explanation
Hydro Bomb (Neutral) Swampert unleash a big water bomb. It work like Mud Bomb but more powerful and can be thrown straight, and have water property which can deplete ink from Inklings and surpass fire attacks. Unlike Hydro Pump and Mud Bomb, it cannot be reflected nor absorbed.
Muddy Bash (Side) A combination of Ocean Bash and Muddy Water; it is powerful but risky like Ocean Bash but can be turned around and is contineous like Muddy Water. Like the original Ocean Bash, the Muddy Bash can be stopped with a stronger attack.
Waterfall Arm (Up) Swampert leap in the air then slam down hard with a combination of Waterfall and Hammer Arm. It is more powerful than the original Waterfall but also more quicker, making it difficult to carefully aim.
Counter-Quake (Down) In order to make it work, Swampert must get hit by anything when executing this powerful attack. When get hit, Swampert gain an unstoppable Super Armor and slam the ground so hard that some pillars are even dug out, and the damage and launch power is double of the attack that Swampert had received. Unlike Counter, even projectiles of any kind can activate this Super Smash.

Final Smashes & Great Fray

Move Name Explanation
Triple Finish (Final Smash 1) The Pokémon Trainer summon Raichu and Hawlucha to aid Swampert to make a powerful combination of Discharge, Hurricane and Earthquake, respectively. While the Hurricane and Discarge can be taken distance, Swampert slam the ground so hard that just touching the ground will send the victim up, requiring a good timing.
Aqua Slam (Final Smash 2) Swampert's solo Final Smash. He slam one or many foes with an Aqua Tail and then violently attack them with a combination of Ice Punch, Mega Kick and Mega Punch, then finish them with an Hydro Cannon, that also pulverise those who are not trapped by Swampert.
Mega Swampert (Great Fray) The Mega Evolution of Swampert. He become even stronger than the normal Swampert, and his Smash Attacks can immediatly shatter any shields that are not Perfect Shields! He also have unlimited swimming and is faster when using Ocean Bash, Waterfall or Muddy Water. 

Other Details


  • Entrance: Swampert is emerged from a Poké Ball from the Pokémon Trainer.
  • Idle 1: Swampert flexes his arms, as if he is being a body builder.
  • Idle 2: Swampert attempt to be intimidating by "roaring" and also glaring forward with an angry face and angry fists.
  • Up-Taunt: Swampert knock his chest and then head-fist to the air.
  • Left-Taunt: Swampert show up his muscles, and looks quite muscular.
  • Right-Taunt: Swampert aggressively punches and swings forward.
  • Down-Taunt: Swampert hop up and down thrice in excitement (or in anger if last place).
  • Asleep: Swampert sleeps in four limb, like the same position from the species' sprite from earlier Mystery Dungeon games.
  • Dizzy: Swampert attempt to stay on his feet but often nearly tripped himself.
  • Burn: Swampert moves rigorously and give an angry face.
  • Splashed: Swampert give a confused face and look around himself. This is actually to tell the irony since Water-type Pokémon cannot get the Wet status in the home series.
  • Smashlust: Swampert is more aggressive and idle faster, while also give a furious face.
  • Injured/Near 0-HP: Swampert breathes heavily and try to flex his arms, but fails.
  • 0-HP Defeat: Swampert faints, like how Pokémon does in their home series, accompaigned with the fainting sound from the Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald).
  • Victory 1: Swampert lift his trainer in joy and raise his other arm with a victorious roar.
  • Victory 2: Swampert look at the camera, and when it approach the Pokémon Trainer, he roar at it, before being scolded by the Pokémon Trainer, and Swampert blushes in emberressment.
  • Victory 3: The Pokémon Trainer order Swampert to shoot Hydro Pump in the air, with Swampert doing so and softly shoot it, which later make a soft mist with a rainbow in the sky, much of Swampert's enjoyment.
  • Clapping: Swampert clap with a defeated face, while the Trainer disappointely look forward at the winner.
  • Last Place 1: Swampert slam his head from humiliation and embarrassment.
  • Last Place 2: Swampert give a sad face and attempt to nuzzle the defeated Trainer, but the Trainer only give it a patting afterward.
  • Last Place 3: Swampert furiously "yells" at the winner, which scares the Trainer quite a bit.

Color Palette

Being a Custom Fighter, this is only the default version that allow him and the other Custom Fighters for being picked in Random, fought as a rival in every modes and available in With Anyone Online Fray.

Palette 1: Normal Swampert

Color Explanation
Original Swampert's original coloring.
Red More red instead of the blue parts.
Purple and Orange The body part is orange while the belly part is purple.
Dark Blue Darker coloration of Swampert, with black belly instead of white.
Yellow Swampert's body is yellow but the cheeks are also green and the fins and tail are now teal.
Black Main body is black, but belly is sky blue, and fins and tails are orange, while the cheeks are blue.
Aqua Swampert's main body color is aqua while his belly part is black, and his fins and tail become magenta.
Pink Based on his Shiny coloration.

Palette 2: Superhero Swampert

Color Explanation
Original Swampert's original coloring with a red-and-green superhero costume.
Red Same as red but with blue-and-magenta superhero costume.
Purple and Orange Same as original Purple and Orange but with blue-and-red costume.
Dark Blue Same as original Dark Blue but with black-and-white costume.
Yellow Same as original yellow but with silver-and-gold costume.
Black Same as black but with white-and-pink costume.
Aqua Same as original Aqua but with brown-and-brick red costume.
Pink Based on his Shiny coloration but also with green-and-orange costume.


  • Swampert become the first heavy-weight playable character to reach the Top Tier (SS) in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • It is also the second fully-customizable fighter to reach that status as such, the first being formerly the Mii Swordfighrer.
  • Despite the Pokémon's Pokédex entries, Swampert can only swim indefinitely as Mega Swampert in this game.
  • Because of his top tier status, many players had joked by refering the Mudkipz meme; "I hope you liek Mudkipz, cuz Swampert will kick you arse!"
  • Swampert is the only Gen 3 solo represetent, as even if on the same team with Raichu and Hawlucha for the Pokémon Trainer, Swampert can fight by himself unlike Sceptile who teamed up with Ivysaur in a Duck Hunt-styled playstyle.

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