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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing (left) and Ted E. Bear (right).

Swamp Thing is a 2020 action-2D platformer game by Expansion Corporations, Inc. It's based on the Dutch comic series of the same name by Floris Oudshoorn (no, not the DC Comics). It's released in August 2020 for the following systems: Fandraxo, PlayStation 4, Ouya and Shield Portable. It got the following ratings:

426px-PEGI 12.svg (1)

Violence, Fear, Bad Language


Crude Humor, Cartoon Violence, Fantasy Violence, Language




Raoul was full of hatred. He always had signs with him with stuff on it like "Full is Full" or "Down with random thing such as comics or life". Once upon a day he met Raoul Mary and fell in love. They united an army of imposters and antagonists and decided to attack Swamp, the place where Swamp "Swampy" Thing and friends lived. They abduct his best friend Ted E. Bear and his personal (female) doctor Dok. If money isn't delivered within a day, the hostages will be beaten to death with signs. Swamp and Stickey/Spikey go on an adventure to stop the evil.

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV


There are eight worlds in-game:

  1. The Swamp
  2. To Harry's Bar
  3. The Grasslands
  4. The Forest
  5. The Construction Site
  6. Horizon
  7. The Volcano
  8. Cosmos

Swamp Thing or Stickey can move left and right (it's a 2D Platformer). They can jump, and each have two attacks: Swamp Thing: Bite, Tail Swipe
Stickey: Back Ram, Roll There are 10 stages in each of the worlds (except Cosmos, which has two normal stages and a boss level) plus an boss level. The character's face is on the top left corner. Each time the player gets damaged, the expression changes: Normal (not hit), Shocked (hit once), Shocked with mouth open and tongue sticking out (hit twice), a black eye (hit thrice) and beaten up (hit four times). Getting hit once more results into a Game Over. The duo can also dodge, use binoculars (not all the time), and even turn into a super transformation (Stickey grows spikes everywhere while Swamp Thing turns into Zwammo) once a bar, filled by doing tricks, is full. This transformation goes on for 20 seconds. When spikes grow everywhere, Stickey can beat enemies with a mere touch and Zwammo attacks with a glaive or a lance, as well is invincible.


  • It's the first Expansion production to be based on a comic.

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