Welcome to SGR, our review we will be doing is New Super Bowser U, Created by Locky of Keyhole Gaming.


So another New Super Mario Bros. U DLC, it may sound bland but when I see this page it actually looks cool, especially the fact that this game focuses on Bowser.


Okay, nice intro, taking place after NSMB2, so Bowser meets with Kamek and they go to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and become King.

The whole story has a nice start, but what about the ending? He probably defeats Mario, but does this lead to the NSMBU events?

This is why I give this a 6/10, it has a good start but there is a ending missing, what happens?


Same as NSMBU, well this is a DLC anyway, however, the creator added some neat things like each character having unique abilities.

I give this section a 8/10


Seems perfect honestly, though maybe each character could have a special attack or something?

I give this a 9.5/10

Power-Ups and Goombas

Well done here, the Goombas replacing the Baby Yoshies are cool, and the Power-Ups are good, there aren't to many but atleast its not a lot.

I give this section a 10/10.

Other Stuff

The worlds are the same, eh, but the bosses are cool, I like the addition of Geno and how Yoshi serves as the fortress boss, it would be cool how the bosses' battles work out though.

I give this part a 7.5.


It is a nice game/DLC, I would like to play it. Overall, it is nearly perfect, though it has missing parts, or atleast the story feels incomplete.

FINAL SCORE: 4/5 - Great

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