SuyoGames Reviews, also known as SGR is a rating, it reviews Fantendo games as of now. All of the reviews are done by Renardy.

Mainly, atleast one review should be up every week, sometimes there may be 2 or 3.


At the end of the review, the game is given a verdict, a score of 1-5

  • 1/5: Bad - This is given to usually games barely with info at all or something else. It is rare to get this.
  • 2/5: Needs Improvement - The game isn't all that bad, however it should need improvement.
  • 3/5: Good - Most reviewed games should get at least this score, or even higher, this shows the creator of the game put some nice effort.
  • 4/5: Great - This type of score is usually for the completed or slightly completed articles, the creator of the game made the article amazing.
  • 5/5: Incredible - The creator of the game did a spectacular job, the game is fully complete and the page is beautiful, it could be featured sometime soon.

Reviewed Games

Game Reviewed Creator Final Score
New Super Bowser U LockyX2 (tbc) 4/5


It is recommended you put your requests on this section, not the comments, you can still comment though.

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