Full Name Sushie
Location Yoshi Village, Lavalava Island
Class Partner
Main Weapon(s) Water

Sushie the Cheep-Cheep first appeared in the Nintendo 64 RPG Paper Mario where she was the seventh partner Mario acquired. She was the Fearsome Five's strict babysitter; when the five children ran into the Jade Jungle she teamed up with Mario to rescue them.

She remained as Mario's partner throughout the adventure after she heard the story of how he's trying to rescue a Princess from the evil king Bowser, she is a real romantic and thinks the story is darling so she joins up with Mario.

After Paper Mario Sushie's daughter Sashimie had her own child a little girl she named after her grandmother Sushie, Sushimie and Sushie Jr. moved back to Lavalava Island with Sushie. Sushie became distracted with being a mother and grandmother so her ability as a babysitter was somewhat lacking so when she heard that Yoyo was travelling outside of the island she volunteered to go with him.

Sushie remained very protective over Yoyo treating him like she was his mother, much to his annoyance although he could swim on her back to get over water which was a very helpful asset in the game.

Being a Babysitter

Sushie was the first partner for Yoyo when he was travelling to Lavalava Island—there was no way she was going to let the young Yoshi travel into the big bad world all by himself. She tagged along with him and he could ride on her back to get across water.


Attack Yosi Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Belly Flop None Hop on one enemy. Hold the Control Stick to the left until the red star lights up. Initial
Squirt 3 Shoots water at one enemy. Press and release A alternately to fill the gauge, but don't let it overflow! Initial
Water Block 3 Boosts Yoyo's defense. Press A as the red stars light up. Super Rank
Tidal Wave 6 Launches water attacks against all enemies Press A, B and C-Down as shown on the screen. Ultra Rank

Still a babysitter

Appearing with Yoyo in Wrapped Up on the Lavalava land stages Sushie still treats Yoyo like the child he is. She is as protective and caring as always. She still mentions her children and grandchildren who have mostly moved on, she mentions her daughter is now living in Dinosaur Island and complains it's hard to get out to see her. However she serves as a much more helpful guide for Iron and Amber with her years of knowledge helping them traverse the lands. She is playable in multiplayer mode.